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In late 2008 I moved out of a California apartment complex and had some debt left over due to carpet replacement. A few months after moving out I received a call from IQ Data regarding the data. They told me if I paid the debt in full right then, It wouldn't be reported on my credit report. Already planning to pay this debt, i agreed and paid them. I never received a receipt and was unable to get any one on the phone again. Now 3 years later, I go to check my credit report and I find that IQ Data is still reporting that I still have a debt. Its that IQ has not updated my account, they are actively reporting my debt each month. I don't know where to start, so I guess I need to retain an attorney.

Is it showing a balance? Or has it been zero'd out?

You dont need an attorney. Dispute it with the credit bureaus.

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Thank for the reply. It says I still have a balance. They recently updated in January of this year.

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DO you have any documentary evidence of the payment you made against the debt to IQ Data? Bank transaction records, emails, anything? You would need something to establish your payment claim before you can move further.

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