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first source advantage llc - what is the phone number they use?

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I am attempting to settle/negotiate a debt with Firstsource Advantage LLC, but the number in the letter they sent me (1-866-276-8306) just keeps ringing w/out an answering machine, and the number I found online (716-564-4400) is apparently disconnected. Any idea what gives or what their real # is?

I have found the following contact details for Firstsource Advantage LLC: -

Additional Phone numbers: -

Sub: #1 posted on Sun, 01/18/2009 - 20:20

phoenix phoenix
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1 888 580 7675

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 13:35


You are trying to reach me to collect a past due account with Menards. Please contact me at

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 16:58


The correct phone number with a answering machine to leave a message, 1-888-737-4871. Took me a while to go through a shit load of numbers, but this one works, until they realize it and get rid of it to screw all of us even more. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.....THIS IS OUR COUNTRY

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 21:06


And im not a girl damn picture though

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 21:07


U should be able 2 reach them @ either 1-877-541-5741 or 716-213-5212. I just called both numbers within the last five minutes and in each instance a live agent answered the phone.

Sub: #6 posted on Mon, 06/22/2009 - 17:31


They called me today. I called the number right back and I offended the man on the line. The number is 888-872-1566

Sub: #7 posted on Mon, 06/22/2009 - 19:12


Before you call, read this:

Sub: #8 posted on Mon, 06/22/2009 - 19:14


I paid them over $3K on a credit card debt. Now it is still on my credit report and they will not take my calls.

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 06/26/2009 - 17:52


I have been making payments with this agency. and I called in to cancel the payment from my checking account and an Amy Megna refused to cancel the payments... I asked to speak to her manager and she stated there was no one there but her.... I know the laws and regulations enough to say that she was breaking the FDCPA laws. and a lawsuite could be brought up against them....

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 17:25


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