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Morgan & Pottinger, Louisville KY

Submitted by Jenn7333 on Fri, 06/29/2012 - 12:31

I have lived in TN for 9 years now; 1. In June 2012 I received a letter from my bank (account in KY) stating a garnishment/state levy was served on the bank and they held $65.26 from my checking account, attached was a pink copy from Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice 'Order of Garnishment' dated May 2010 for creditor; Elite Recovery Services and Attorney Morgan & Pottinger of Louisville KY on the line for Amount Due '$2538.06 April 2008', with 'Probable Court Cost $10.00' 2. In March 2011 I received a letter from Morgan & Pottinger = Re: Elite Recovery Services Inc vs. Me, District Court, Case No. 00-0-000 (I am with holding the real case #), Etc...,Principal $1741.68, Interest 738.42, Attorney Fees $0.00, Court Cost $81.65, Total $2561.75, the letter then went on to say; Dear 'me', A judgment has been entered by the court against you in the above-styled case...bla, bla, bla...We gladly accept visa & master card for payments over 500.00. On the bottom was; 'This communication from a debe collector is an attempt to collect a debe, and any information...' 3. Yesterday (6/2012) I received a letter from Morgan & Pottinger with the opening stating Elite Recovery... vs. 'me', case #...etc... and went on to say; me, Please be advised that as of the date of this letter the balance on your account is shown above (which was now $2675.80), we gladly accept visa & master card for payments over 500... again at the bottom 'This communication from a debe collector is an attempt to collect a debt... etc.

I didn't act on the event when the $$ was taken from the bank because I was freaking out and confused, people were telling me to just forget the $70 there was nothing I could do, it was gone. Now I'm not so sure, and wish I would have tried to do something, also now that I have received yesterdays letter I'm wondering if I should do something before I get surprised again. PS, my credit score is very high 600 on one and low 700's on the other two, I have monitored and printed my credit report every 2-4 months from the time of the bank letter and Nothing has ever showed up on my report about any of that --- Oh I'm Confused :confused:

What you should necessarily do right now is get in touch with M&P and set up a payment plan because if you don't start paying now, they are going to be coming after your paycheck. In the meantime check in with the county court and cross check the docket number just in case. You must have been served at some point of time (which might have been served at your previous address or something) and obviously since you didn't know, you didn't show up in court and they won a default judgment against you.

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When my bank in Kentucky (June 2010) sent me the letter that money ($70) was taken from my account they also attached a pink copy 'Order of Garnishment (Non-Wage)' from Commonwealth of Kentucky, which looks ligit to me and evidently was, considering that the money was taken.

I pulled and printed my credit report again today and there is still no sign of public records of any kind and no companies showing as bad debt.

Submitted by Jenn7333 on Mon, 07/02/2012 - 09:24


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