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They have been calling my work, home, and cell numbers. When they call my job it is a computer giving my full name, a case number and saying "press 0 to make a statement about your case beofre it goes for final review on a legal matter" it then says if you are not me then hang up now. However at home and on my cell they just call about 3 times a day each with no message ever left and with various numbers showing up on the caller ID.

I actually was the one who answered the phone at work one day when the computer called and pressed 0 to get some information. The guy claimed they were getting ready to sue me and I needed to start opening my mail (I have not gotten anything with the company name he gave me). When I told him to stop calling my job he demanded I transfer him to my HR dept since "you obviously don't want to take care of this". This took place about 2 weeks ago. Suddenly Monday (7/23) I get a piece of form mail from them saying if I don't pay by Weds (7/25) they are going to spend the next 30 days investigating my personal assets and those findings with a prepared affidavit will be forwarded to "expedite authorization of your account to an attorney of our choice".

Anyone heard of these people? I am planning to send a validation letter.

Seems like a scam but sending out a mail and asking for a DV wouldn't hurt. I say you go ahead and ask them to validate the debt. Lets see where they take it from there.

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They are legit according to all the research I've done on them. I saw on them on my Credit report with transunion for an HSBC account. When I called them, the experience wasnt half bad. I checked with my AG office to see if they are licensed and which was confirmed that they were. I live in Ohio. The one thing I didnt like about them was that they kept pushing me to settle, If i dont have the money how can i? I ended up paying them monthly, when i get my taxes i'll probably just pay it off. They do send reminders which is helpful.

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I saw this company on my credit report and I wanted it removed. I requested that I receive validation, they actually provided it to me within 30 days! I'll be honest I was actually really surprised.One of my friends is a bill collector and he told me to ask for one, I did. I received all of the original documents with my signatures. A month later I received a letter saying "A determination to file suit will be made!! what do I do if I can't afford to pay?

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They sent a letter saying they were requesting the info from the original creditor but that they were at their mercy in getting documents (which is funny because their initial letter said they were going to sue me) . They also said they were ceasing all collection efforts including reporting to the credit bureaus but that they hadn't even reported it to the credit bureaus. :confused:

So I guess I am playing a wait and see game at this point. Any other ideas would be most helpful!

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