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I just received a phone call from a Don Castellani. He said he was collecting a debt. I told him he had the wrong person.

He said he was collecting a debt for some bank. I don't have an account with that bank.

(He had the right first name, James, but not the last. I get several calls a month for a "James" I think his last name is Wager or Wagner. He probably had this number before I did.)

"Don" said he would record the call. I told him "no" because I still didn't know his motive. He said he had to record the phone call. Again, I told him "no."

Then he really pissed me off. He said, "I know where you live." Strangely as it may seem, he then asked if I would confirm my address. This sounds like some sort of scam. If he really knows where I live, then he should know that I am an armed security person who really doesn't like invasive entries. Not a threat, just a friendly warning that I don't want to be manhandled and injured or killed.

Does he know where I live or where the other James lives?

I tried to call the number my phone captured but it is not a working number.


File a complaint against them with the FTC.

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Did this Don by any chance sound Indian (thick accent maybe) or something like Homer Simpson?

Sounds like a total scam to me. Whenever someone ask you to confirm any kind of personal information over the phone, just ask them to read it to you while you confirm with simple affirmatives or negatives. Some of these smart alecs get around this trick by stating the false information and ask you to correct it for them. Just hang up at this point :)

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Search them on the internet and send them a cease and desist letter in writing via CMRRR. That should get them off your back....or get you $1000 if they violate the FDCPA.

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