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Has anybody gotten an update address or website/ email I sent my letter to them but was returned. BBB also forwarded my complaint and same thing returned undeliverable.

Ah...yes...the old "close down this another under a different name..." :roll: :evil:

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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hele3121 hele3121

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Does anyone have a phone number for JHS Marketing?

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i am also looking for the number to jhs marketing. personal info removed for your safety - Jason

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I tried e-mailing them a couple times and told them I saw that their company was a scam (c'mon, 3 different names?) and the guy who e-mailed me back was such a d-bag and nasty as heck. Also, my loan was for $150 and nowit has been a year and still, $45 is withdrawn every 2 weeks like clockwork. I cant close my account because of another payday loan that I never applied for that screwed up my other checking and was illegally takin money. and now, I think JHS sold my social to some scam comapny who has been calling my job saying they were gonna arrest me (which was supposed to happen yesterday) I got a bunch of red tape right now and had to go thru a bunch pf complaint filing. I am about to get this compnay too.

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I have never had a loan through TJF or any of their other names. I received a call this morning from a guy saying he was from their collections and that I was being sued because I took out a loan in November 2008 and that I needed to pay $350 right now to avoid it escalating to thousands. He even said the names of my two references who I used on an application to a different company months ago, were going to be named in the lawsuit. I know this is bogus because I never even applied for any pdl until March 2009. I told him I needed a validation letter and that I did not take out a loan in November 2008 and he hung up on me. This company has not debited anything from my account EVER but now I'm a little worried. I don't know if they have my account info or not.

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I applied for a loan yesterday and I got a call from 2 different people saying I qualified for a 200.00 loan and it would be deposited in my account after midnight. I have an account but it's a prepaid account. I rarely put money in it. But I noticed transactions had been made where they tried to purchase items for 15.00. and the funny thing was is I had only 1.00 in the account. I have already contacted the bank. they will be getting nothing from me. They even sent me a contract via email. I sent them an aemail this morning, lets see if they email back.

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