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Has anybody gotten an update address or website/ email I sent my letter to them but was returned. BBB also forwarded my complaint and same thing returned undeliverable.

You can ask from other companies about the procedure. Competition can go in your favor.
Small Business Loans

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Julie Anderw Julie Anderw

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Ah...yes...the old "close down this another under a different name..." :roll: :evil:

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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hele3121 hele3121

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Does anyone have a phone number for JHS Marketing?

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i am also looking for the number to jhs marketing. personal info removed for your safety - Jason

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I tried e-mailing them a couple times and told them I saw that their company was a scam (c'mon, 3 different names?) and the guy who e-mailed me back was such a d-bag and nasty as heck. Also, my loan was for $150 and nowit has been a year and still, $45 is withdrawn every 2 weeks like clockwork. I cant close my account because of another payday loan that I never applied for that screwed up my other checking and was illegally takin money. and now, I think JHS sold my social to some scam comapny who has been calling my job saying they were gonna arrest me (which was supposed to happen yesterday) I got a bunch of red tape right now and had to go thru a bunch pf complaint filing. I am about to get this compnay too.

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I have never had a loan through TJF or any of their other names. I received a call this morning from a guy saying he was from their collections and that I was being sued because I took out a loan in November 2008 and that I needed to pay $350 right now to avoid it escalating to thousands. He even said the names of my two references who I used on an application to a different company months ago, were going to be named in the lawsuit. I know this is bogus because I never even applied for any pdl until March 2009. I told him I needed a validation letter and that I did not take out a loan in November 2008 and he hung up on me. This company has not debited anything from my account EVER but now I'm a little worried. I don't know if they have my account info or not.

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