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832-476-1740 - Has anyone dealt with Avante USA?

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Anyone know of an address for these guys? Phone # that came up is (832) 476-1739

Had Avante calling me constantly!! They told me that they could give me 50% off my school loan if settled right that second. I have been claiming hardship form University of Phoenix for the last year and I thought that my time was up. Stupid me made a payment of half. The very next day I get a letter in the mail from U.O. P. saying that I still have six months on my hardship!!!!! Now I am trying to get the money back from Avante. They are not in any way shape or form affiliated with the UOP. They have never even heard of them. They are claiming rights to a loan that has never been given to them. I wish I would have looked them up sooner instead of getting caught up in the moment. Now I may have to close my account and change everything else. Thier tactics are very shady and misleading.

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Avante does handle UOP collection accounts.

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I have been getting calls from this company trying to get me to pay a $2000 debt I have with University of Phoenix in 2008 which i will not pay because they lied to me. I was withdrawing from a class and they told me that I would not have to pay it because i was dropping within the first week of class. Within 2 weeks I received a bill for the $2000 tuition I owed after withdrawing from the class. I called to dispute and they told me that since i had posted to the class 4 times i did not qualify for a FREE withdraw and that I needed to pay that balance before I was able to return to Phoenix online. Needless to say I never went back and I have not paid a single nickel on the debt for almost 3 years. I will not pay it or any of it because I know that anytime the status changes another 7 years is added. I told the rep that I would not be paying the debt and she argued with me about it being on my credit forever. I told her that i know for a fact that companies can attempt to collect for as long as they want but after 7 years from when the original debt was sent to collections, it will fall off my report. And it is illegal for them to try to garnish your wages as it is not a government debt, as long as I do not reside in the state where they collection agency is located. If I were, they could take it from State Taxes (that has happened to me before after 13 years, 6 years after it was no longer on my report. It is illegal for them to attempt to keep the status active longer by reselling to newer agencies. And if they call after that 7 years to collect, it is harassment and punishable. I read the letters above but I know the debt is valid. So, I guess all i can tell them is to cease and desist.

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Avante has been trying to collect on a debt that has since been removed from my credit report after I disputed it. They also do credit inquiries on my credit report every two years just to stay on there. They work closely (and probably illegally) with TransUnion.

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I am an Indiana resident, but commuted to a college in Illinois in 2008. Avante USA claims I owe $600, even though my tuition at the school was completely waived. I asked them to send me the documentation proving I agreed to pay anything, and the lady kept changing the topic. I'm drafting a letter now to request the proof, but I'm confused as to whose state laws I should be referencing, especially in finding if they're licensed/bonded in the state.

Do I have to abide by Illinois laws and ensure they're bonded in Illinois, even though I live in Indiana? Or, since I've always been a resident of IN, do my state's laws take precedence? I cannot find information on their licensing and bonding for ANY state. Any suggestions or links, anyone? Thanks!

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You need to discuss this with an attorney. As far as I know, you may have to follow your state laws.

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After multiple threats and harassing calls, I contacted my consumer rights attorney who has stated that he has dealt with this company before. He represented me in a previous case against Ray Klein (aka Professional Credit Services) . He has sent them a letter telling them that they have broken 3 laws:

1) Threatening to take an action against Plaintiff that cannot be legally taken or that
was not actually intended to be taken, including threatening that non-payment of
the debt would be listed on Plaintiffs credit report for the rest of her life (?1692e(5?;

2) Failing to provide Plaintiff with the notices required by 15 USC ? 1692g, either in
the initial communication with Plaintiff, or in writing within 5 days thereof,
including failing to send Plaintiff any letter with these disclosures (? 1692g(a?;

3) Causing Plaintiffs telephone to ring repeatedly or continuously with intent to
harass, annoy or abuse Plaintiff, including calling Plaintiff excessively for a debt she
disputes and has repeatedly told Defendant she refuses to pay (? 1692d(5?.

all of which are punishable by up to $1000 per law broken. He does not charge the plaintiff (consumer) unless you make a deal without the agreement to pay the lawyer fees. In my previous case, I was sued for $1200 and Ray Klein was forced to pay $2000 for the fees and to remove the debt from my history. So in the end, they lost more money than they tried to sue me for and the debt was dropped.

If you live in Oregon, Washington, or Utah and would like to also file a case against Avante USA, please reply to my message.

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TO: angelaeo1980
I live in and work in Washington state. i also get calls from this Avante place once a wk, a recorded msg from Tom Jacobs. when i call back to them at 1 832 476 1740 they say the need the phone number i am calling from. when i give them our office number, they say its not in their records. i gave them our 'back line' number, that also is not in their records. i asked that they not call her again unless they have a name of a person to speak to. they say unless i have a phone number to reference to them there is no way they can NOT call here... so i told them well i guess i'll just keep hanging up and ignoring you then. sure makes for an unproductive day when i get their calls all the time! that i could do without.... viscious cycle.

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To JRob
That really sucks that they won't stop calling and don't know who they're calling. Are you sure they are not soliciiting their "debt counseling" program through the recording. They apparantely do that to. Figures right? Anyway, i asked my attorney and he wants to know exactly what is being stated on the recording before making a decision as to whether you have a case. The only other option is to have your phone company block that number.

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These people at 832-476-1739 have been calling me non-stop for weeks. There ID comes up Name Unavailable. I will not answer any Name Unavailable call. As far as I am concerned, they have my phone number, then mail me a correspondence. You must have my address??? If they were legitimate, why no name???:cool:

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