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I keep getting a call from 216-536-3460. The recorded message never says what place of business this is. Just that I will have 24-48 hours to respond. Well...I looked the number up and it is a cell phone from Cleveland, OH. I'm sure this is in response to an illegal payday loan that I took out over 4 years ago. This time when they called..they told me I would have 24-48 hours to respond to a complaint otherwise they would contact my place of employment. Doesn't a business usually have a business phone and not a cell phone to conduct business? Anyways the number calls about twice a week. What should I make of this??

This is a common ploy of collection agencies. It happened to me regularly when I was dealing with my payday loans. I actually had threats that if I didn't pay anything by Thursday they were going to "serve" me papers. When you see an unknown number pop up, don't answer it; let it go to voicemail. Sometimes they won't even leave a message. I wouldn't engage in any conversation with them because they'll just upset you. If you know the payday people, then send the a certified letter requesting they cease and desist and not threaten to call your employer. If they were illegal in your state, add that to the letter. Once you start talking to them, they will call constantly to harass you.

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aubrey aubrey
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These are harassment calls, plain and simple! Don't pay any attention to them.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I received a call from 877-904-1708 NCP, said they need to verify my address or work address to serve me papers,saying I committed fraud by closing my account , which was being drained by pdl's. I told them I am going to file a chptr. 13,they said it doesnt matter,ill have to go to court..... unless i set up a repayment plan. They are also calling family members telling them they need to serve me papers, is this a scam? why cant i find NCP any where, or the location of their call number.can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?

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Yeah, it is a scam. Process servers do NOT call in advance. And closing your account is NOT fraud. Ignore them. Invest in an airhorn.

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I received a call from an unknown number telling me that they were trying to avoid calling my employer. They stated a complaint was going against me were I would be the respondent in a restraining order. They stated I may have to appear in court. They stated my attorney or myself had 24-48 hours to respond or they would be contacting my employer to verify my employment. If I didn't have the common sense that God gave a Billy goat I would believe any of this to be true. Unfortunately for them I do & I know restraining orders are served to you via law enforcement. Not through the phone. If I wanted to fight it my attorney & I would do it in court. Not through the phone. People please don't fall for this nonsense.

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Yeah...I keep getting calls from area code 716. The number changes a bit but the latest one was 716-402-4650. I believe it to be a scam but they call my work and my parents and I want that to cease. Claim I owe on a payday loan from 2009. Will not send my any written verification that if I pay they will quit bothering me. What to do??

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wjstruck wjstruck

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Who is calling?? Company name?? There calls are coming from and landline so I would suggest reporting them to your state AG's office.

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Same thing....threatened me with court...said they would come to my home and or work between 3-5 on Friday to serve me.

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Offer to meet them at your local police department.....

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