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I cannot log into my account summary because they say it's unavailable, even tho i've been paying them off & their high finance fees w/every payment. united cash loans also did not reveal all these finance charges w/every paydown. when i call they say they can't help me. they put my complaint in a 'separate dept.' which they will get to me by way of a 'specialist' and an e-mail and a phone call. I received none of this help and I sill cannot access my own loan status summary for 1 weeks now! wow! these guys are scary! I've contacting ct state consumer fraud and mAe a claim against them for a reimbursement so far I dished out $280 in finance fees alone. I have $120 left to pay on the loan. which icludes all the service charges. these people are deceptive and they are liars about all their hidden finance fees. I didn't sign up on line for the same ontract they sent me by mail. the mailed contract revealed all the hidden on-going finance fees totaling $260 after all is said & done. RIPS OFFS ALL THE ALL and I did this loan to HELP me financail not to be ripped off.

United Cash Loans is an illegal tribal lender. Follow the link in my signature line for info on how to deal with them,.

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It would also be good to know (for future reference) that payday lending is illegal in CT.

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