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866-364-6516 - Has anyone ever dealt with these guys?

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Has anyone ever dealt with this CA? They have been calling me at work, even though I told them not to, and I am getting ready to send a Debt Validation request and C&D. I asked for a mailing address and he said "we will call you every day until this is resolved," and then hung up. They have called themselves Premier Recovery Group and PRG. It is for an older debt and I thought I paid off through a debt consolidation program, but they are so rude, I dont like trying to talk to them.

Does anyone have an address? Thanks!

Google is a great tool!!

Premier Recovery Group
3309 Winthrop Ave Ste 84
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 763-9399

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Thanks!! Your Google-Fu is stronger than mine!

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What is a C&D?? I'm dealing with some guy who is rude as hell

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A C& D is a cease and desist letter.

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The address you gave me is for a data recovery place in Texas. Does anyone else have any information? Thanks!!

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I need a updated number, that one is disconnected

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I called them back again because they kept leaving me threatening messages on my voice mail at work and at home. The lady refused to give me an address over the phone and they finally sent me an email (I gave them my junk email address) with their address:

Premier recovery group
PO Box 262
Buffalo NY 14209


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Has anyone dealt with these guys lately, the prg or premier recovery group??

I'm a fraud investigator and have researched this for awhile because they called me and swearing all the time about an old debt. There are only 3 people. Heather, Keith, and Simon or spencer?? No one else runs the place.
Here is their actual mailing address and phone 866-364-6516. Has anyone been able to verify that they are legit or scamming people??

Thanks, :?:

PO BOX 262

Buffalo, NY 14209

Phone: 1-866-364-6516

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I have been dealing with the same thing for the last 5 days I sent them the cease and desist letter and a validation letter. they still continue to call. I let them know that they cannot intimidate me and i have logged and saved every phone call to and from them. they will not give me the original creditor so I told them if they can't send me the request documentation and when I finish suing them they can take what they say I owe out of the law suit and send me the rest in a check. Now they hang up the phone on me. I have really good letter you can send them if you like. My personal email is [email]< /a>[/email] i can send them to you

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