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National Credit Adjusters? Anyone ever deal with them?

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Today I get a letter in the mail from National Credit Adjusters. The letter is for a settlement offer of 30% off my balance from a payday loan that I had with Cash Direct Express. Has anyone ever dealt with this company? They are out of Hutchinson,KS. They have a PO Box listed for their address. After all the garbage that I have been dealing with Cash Today Limited, I do not want to get sucked into another scam. They are telling me to call them by 2/29 because after that, the offer is void. Thanks again for all the help

if you do a search in the above box , you will find a lot of info on national Credit adjusters. You can read about the experiences that other members have had with them.
Do you owe this debt. have you already paid what is legal in your state.

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kashzan kashzan

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I have paid off every payday loan that I had. Every few months I get a letter from them.

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jmy350z jmy350z

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I dealt with them!!! I would strongly advise to stay away. I paid the debt off and they called me five months later trying to collect on the very debt I paid them over five months earlier. They are rude arrogant and the supervisor even hang up on you. Frankly??? The worst company I have EVER dealt with.

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I have been playing phone tag w/ this company for well over a month now! Back in February I had looked into getting a loan w/ Check 'n Go, but decided against it due to the fact I wouldnt have the budget to pay it back all at once. A couple days later I started receiving emails from SMS Group saying my loan was approved and they just needed confirmation. I replied to 1 email saying to Stop that I never had even heard of them etc... Then come to find out they entered cash into my checking account( which was information I had NEVER shared with them), while I was waiting on funds from a family member. Needless to say it caused a huge ordeal w/ my checking account and had to close it! 2 Weeks later I have National Credit Adjustors calling my work and my cell saying I owe almost double the amount that was WRONGFULLY entered into my account to begin with! Does anyone know how I should deal w/ them? Should I be speaking to an attorney? So stressed, hope someone has a suggestion. These two companies appear to be scammers!

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I took a loan out with a company called money & more, in california. I paid this loan off and i know i paid this company off. Now i get a letter from this company nca, it is truly a scam. When i called to tell them know i paid this company off. She said well what she can do is make a deal with me by paying $60.00 in lieu of the $100.00 "they caim i owe". This company is a bonafide scam company. Thet will have to send me to jail before i pay that money. They can "kiss my grit"

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