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I just got a call from UCL and I am livid. Unfortunately I am a 30 yr single mother with heart issues and this guy Tom Aguilera just caused me a heart attack.( not really) I made the mistake for taking a loan with them of $500 and I know with the finance charges its been paid off. So this guys called and was really mean and said you took the money, spent it, now pay it. He was very threatning. I told him he is not licensed to conduct business in California. And he said he didn't conduct business in California. I took the loan from them signed the contract to pay it off. He said I'm the one who went to him. That he didn't come to me. He was such a jerk and mean. What should I do? I'm honestly scared of this man calling all day and whatever number he can get from me like work etc. Good thing is I closed my bank account!

Welcome Victimofscams,

If you have paid off the loan, then you don't need to do anything. UCL is illegal. They will tell may other things to you. Just don't listen to them. If you have paid them more than $500, then ask them to give you a refund.

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thank you. I know i will get another call from them. Jerks! i cant believe they speak to people that way. When i was telling him they are illegal he kept ignoring me and speaking over me. Ugh!
thank you!

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victimofscams victimofscams

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Only you allow yourself to be abused....hang up the damn phone!!!

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