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Does anyone have any information about them? Fax? Email?

I've tried the following information but the faxes are coming back as busy and I'm not getting a response with this email address.

Fax #1: 1-866-463-9412
Fax #2: 1-866-264-9532

Please help!

I've got a new fax number for the SSM Group that I was finally able to get to go through. The weird thing is though is that it will only except 1 page at a time. The number is 1-866-516-9700. I got it from the lady that answered the phone at 1-866-463-2130.

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thlovely1 thlovely1

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Today I faxed a "cease and desist" letter to SSM Group at 866-463-9412. The letter went through with no problem that I know of. I have had a similar problem with them accessing my bank account. So I told them that their actions were illegal and unlicensed in my state. I also put a permanent block on my bank account. I will be closing the account and changing banks this weks to prevent them from trying anything else.

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they just put 250.00 in my bank accountant with out my signature i have no idea who ssm group llc is. i will block my checking acoountant know

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Are they the same as the SSM Group? If not does anyone have the address for SGQ?

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hey this company sent me a email ssm group..... sayin that im due date is 11-27 and my name at the bottom of the page with todays dates on it....i never sign up for this and i looked at my account but there was nothin put n there....i reply to the email and told them to not put the money n my i hope on monday they dont do it....because i dont want to go through what other ppl went can i pervent this

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There should be something in the documents stating you have 24 hours to return the money with no fee or something like that. If they don't cooperate then immediatly talk to your bank about sending the funds back..SSM Group LLC is one of many companies you don't want to be involved with.
Was there a number on the documents that you can call as well.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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that is so strange that SSM Group LLC sent you the very same letter. yesterday my husband got the same thing emailed to him but under my schools email address. i tried calling but they are closed today. they left a msg on my cell phone stating that the money was going to be deposited either today or monday. he never signed up for this and how did they get all of mine and his info to begin with? i am so mad right now... i dont know what to do and how to prevent it from going through... i certainly dont want any fraudulent activity in his account.

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i had applied for a pd loan got one and then got a call from ssm group told them i was not interested and still got a deposit did not sign anything or agree to anything now i dont know what to do about this and where to send the money back to can someone help with any advice

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Have your bank send it back the way it arrived!!!!! Tell the bank this is an unauthorized deposit and you want it returned.

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kfstaff24 kfstaff24

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I spoke to them today because I had a deposit for $200.00 to my account that I did not authorize. They said that since I called them within 24 hours that They would pull the money out of my account that they deposited and I would not be responsible for it. I'm hoping that they are telling me the truth.

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