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Has anyone heard of this place. I am receiving calls from them in regard to old payday loans they say i owe. They've been talking about wage garnishment. The thing I find odd though is that when I ask them who the loan was through they tell me cashnetusa, but that cashnet funds smaller companies. When I ask what smaller company says i took the loan out they say they don't know. If this was legit isn't that something they would know. So if any knows anything about them please let me know. Should I just ignore them?

I googled them and they appear to be a scam.

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Ignore them. They are a scam company. Get to know more about them from the following url:

" n/pdr-info.html"

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That company is a complete scam! They called me from (630) 486-1900 claiming that the debt was for 'sonic cash'. He called himself Jim Schwartz and the callback number he gave was (877) 601-5871 ext 255. But when you call back at that number there is no option to reach any extensions and they just ask you to leave a message. Don't let these creeps take advantage of you!

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