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I need to send a c&d letter to The Cash Store but cannot find their corporate office address. I've looked both here and on the internet. Does anyone have their corporate office address? I've already sent the letter to the local storefront but I'm receiving several phone calls a day from them. I don't owe them any more money (I've overpaid $250) and I want to send the letter higher up the chain.
The person I talked to today was nice and said that she would relay my information to her manager so they might stop their collection efforts but I want to send the letter anyway.
Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

c&d letter only work for CA's.. not OC.. so the don't have to follow Fair debit collection practices act, though some do.

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 03/11/2009 - 17:14

beli2005 beli2005

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The Cash Store's parent company is:

Cottonwood Financial
1901 Gateway Dr.
Suite 200
Irving, TX 75038


They work with Bennett & DeLoney as a CA and they are jerks. You want to get things straightened out before they get involved.

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alal84 alal84

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I am also working with The Cash Store but on an installment loan. They 100% legal (at least in Il) and the only way I can work with them is to let the loan default (it has) then wait for Corp. to call and see what type of an EPP they will extend. I have over paid by $1,000's from rolling over for years but that does not matter to them they want the principle and I do not expect them to stop at anything to get it. My only hope is they give me some time to work with them...will see.

Is yours a PDL (payday loan) or an installment?

I hope I do not seem to gloomy, just telling you my story.

Best wishes

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urrrlacher urrrlacher

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I'll deliver your c&d via a brick thru their window. They're about 20 miles from me.... :twisted:

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My loan is a PDL and according to Oregon's Dept of Consumer & Financial Securities they are not licensed in Oregon therefore I only owe them the principal amount. I took out a loan for $700, I've paid them $950. They are paid in full according to my records.
Thank you for the address. I actually recieved a letter in the mail yesterday with the same address. I will be sending my request for PIF and explanation of my rights to them (again) later today.

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Make a video and send them that aswell.

Perhaps you should get the managers phone number from the collection agency that is calling you and call him everyday on the hour for 2 weeks to see how he enjoys it.

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they are owned by cottonwood financial in irving texas

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Hi, Do they call your references?

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ggbslady ggbslady

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Most start calling your references as soon as your payment doesn't clear.

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