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What business is this??

Submitted by wjstruck on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 07:33
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I received a call yesterday from a business. I wasn't home and they left an automated message. The number was 1-877-455-5001. When l listened to the message it told me that since I they have been unable to get my statement in regards to whatever..that they have no choice but to pursue it legally. It said when I called back to reference file # 5,464,600(pretty high for a file #???). Anyways..I have never received anything in the mail pertaining to whatever this is I might owe.

When I did a 800 number reverse look up...none of the sites that I went to could find an established business for this 800 number. Should I be a bit skeptical of this recorded message?? I mean..the message didn't say how much I owe or who I owe it to so I have no idea.

The only thing I have out there is I took out a payday loan from Together Cash 3 years ago. I found out that they were an illegal operation and were not licensed in my state. Could this be some illegal collection agency trying to collect on that debt??


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