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Has anyone heard of this law firm. Can they legally keep calling me at work?

Legally any collection agency or attorney acting as a collector can call you at work. You must tell them to stop ...technically verbally should work but send it in writing via CMRRR.

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Yes, they can call you at your office. But under the federal laws, the collection agencies can call you only once when they are unable to reach you.

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Do as SoapLady says and tell them verbally and send the letter. If they call you at work after receipt of the letter, take notes on date time, who called, etc and report them!

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Under the FDCPA laws, no collection agency has the right to call you at your workplace unless your company policy allows it. You can contact with the collection agency and request them for a validation letter via certified mail with a return receipt request. If they do not reply, then send them a ???Cease and Desist??? letter. After that, if they are still harassing you, contact with the State Attorney General or, FTC. Following link may help you in this regard:

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Under the FDCPA laws, no collection agency has the right to call you at your workplace unless your company policy allows it.

Wrong!! Read the FDCPA. They CAN call you at work. The debtor must tell them that their company policy prohibits calls. Another party can also inform them of the policy. It is not the collection agencies responsiblity to research every customer policy.
?? 805.
3) at the consumer???s place of employment if the debt collector knows or has reason to know that the consumer???s employer prohibits the consumer from receiving such communication.

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I can tell you first hand, if you have a debt, don't avoid it--I found out the hard way! I started getting calls about a debt I forgot about, at home, work, and even my family--which was extremely annoying and embarrasing. After a while the debt collection company gave up and it seemed like it was all over. Then 3 months later it all started up again, this time with an attorney's office that was relentlessly trying to collect. I again ignored the barrage of letters, calls and voicemails for a while. After a while I was served with a summons from a local attorney. I couldn't afford a lawyer, and long story short I couldn't make it to court, but was told it was probably a scare tactic anyway so nothing to worry about. That turned out to be horribe advice... the court gave a default judgement to the attorney's office and my wages started getting garnished!! On top of that, this whole mess ended up costing way more than my original debt, as the attorney tacked on tons of interest along with court fees in the law suit! Uggghh!! My advice is if your dealing with an attorney, pay it off or try to talk them into a payment plan or something, anything but court. Just don't rely on flimsy advice and assume it will go away or you'll pay for it... and then some.

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your post has more holes than a spaghetti strainer.first nobody here says to ignore an actual summons.second i found nothing on this supposed law firm.lastly since you don't like flimsy advice don't give any out yourself as your post was just a long winded PAY YOUR BILLS post with stupid examples sprinkled in.get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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