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I was served a summons this evening for Porfolio Recover Asso. I haven't paid this debt because first I was on disability then loss my job because I was on disability. Then went on unemployment because of lossing my job. I barley making ends meet. Porfolio recovery is not the only card I owe. I was bombarded with phone calls so I stopped answering the phone because I didnt have enough to pay all of them. I answer the phone to talk to them and they were yelling at me "How much do you have" we need $1200 another call come in wanting $800 I dont have the money. I am on unemployment living in the Bay Area. What can I do the summons state I need to respond in 30 days. I really don't want to file bankruptcy

You should contact an attorney and he will assist you in filing a reply to the summons. You need to give a reply to it within the given period of time or else, they will get a default judgment against you. You can contact your creditors and try to settle the debts with them. This will help you in getting rid of your debts.

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You do not need an attorney to reply to a summons.....look up the rules of civil procedure on your county court website.

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