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I'm a little confused here. I dealt with an Alliance One agent recently, and she was really quite pleasant. We settled an old debt of mine rather quickly and quietly. As far as other agencies go however, there was this one fellow from MJR who was really quite rude. He said things like how I was a deadbeat just as my father before me. I dealt with him swiftly, and the MJR never tried to contact me again.

Be careful guys.

Thanks for sharing your experience in the forums! You're right... there are some companies which behave well with their customers whereas there are companies who are rude to their customers. I guess no one can help that!

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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Not all the collection agencies are bad. Good to know that you've been able to settle your debts comfortably. I wish more and more collection agencies co-operate with the consumers.

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