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I got a call from this number, stating that it was a notification of a judgement against me. He stated his name, Anthony James, but did not state the company name. He also included my name, address and SSN in the voicemail. Sounded professional, but haven't been able to find out who its from or what they would be calling about? I have taken out payday loans, and I owe one of them back on about $600. Do payday loan lenders seek paybacks through judgements? I live in California, the call came from Delaware.


He left your SSN on your voice mail???

I wouldnt worry....they have to serve you to take you to court...and if they didnt, you can fight it. Plus since you live in CA, they would have to sue you in your county so check the dockets. Call him back....have fun with it....asking him what he is wearing....tell him about your hemmeroids....they sound like a major scam operation.

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a quick google search bought up nothing,but a delaware call for a supposed debt in california.seriously these bottomfeeders are getting really stupid.i mean since more people are catching onto the fact that nobody calls ahead about serving you now they just figure they will say there is a judgement.again pathetic.check your court dockets as soaplady stated.i would file the usual complaints,but i say bottomfeeder.

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How do I check the dockets? I tried the .gov PACER page but it says there are fees involved for using it. Is there another way?

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your court clerk's should give you their free site.

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