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I am a very young woman, who has debt that (first of all that I had no control over from a parent using my SSN) I am trying to take care of instead of pursuing legal actions against my parent (you know, just didn't sit right on my conscience). Anyways, long story short, I get payment arrangements set up with CCB and I was going to start payments this month on the 17th. Well, I called about two weeks ahead of that, and told them I would not be able to make that payment and we had it rescheduled for the 27th. Well, this morning I wake up to my chase account -300 and I am still staring at a -300 account at the moment. I talked to the reps and the one agreed it was his mistake, and they would reimburst me for the withdrawal, but you see, I have a limited access account with Chase and it just doesn't look good for my account. I'm very worried, and I told them to send me a letter that they do not have any of my finacial information in their systems as soon as they reinburst my account. It's very frustrating that I was really trying to start things out smooth, but this is what happens? I'm through with credit services.

You need to get a letter from CCB to give to your bank letting them know it was THEIR ERROR.

Did you parents run up this bill?? If so, why are they not paying it? What they did to you is is called Identity theft. They had no conscience doing it, so why should you have any conscience pressing charges against them???

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