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What's a current West Asset Management mailing address?

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(if you don't want to wade through all this you can skip to the last paragraph)

I'm trying to enlist in the AF now and hit a snag in the process...the credit check. I have 1 account in collections that I need to take care of. It's a $715 medical bill from '06 that I disputed twice (once with the original creditor and then with the collection agency). Neither gave me a response regarding my dispute and the CA didn't even contact me save for that first letter saying I had something in collections. This is my first time dealing with a CA and it is really frustrating. So far I've called twice in the past month trying to reach a settlement and both fell through (I was given deliberately wrong info on each call and naive as I can be sometimes, luckily didn't fall for it).

Time is of the essence here on account of my age so I'm desperate and willing to play ball at this point. The account isn't even listed on my credit report as of last month but it's apparently showing up for my recruiter. From everything I've read online it seems that a payment plan is a bad idea but I'm considering it now. I was able to negotiate a reduced lump sum (50%) but the rep I spoke with insisted on me paying over the phone which I didn't feel ok doing.

What I'm thinking of doing now is mailing a money order via certified mail for $200 or so along with a letter asking for an invoice of the balance due on the account. What the recruiter wants is me showing an intent to pay; The debt doesn't have to be fully paid off.

So... sorry for all the background info. All I really want to know is what address I can mail payment to for West Asset Management. I may call them tomorrow to try and find out but I have a feeling they will give me some lame excuse as to why I can't mail payment. That's why I want to take the initiative and just mail the money order, bypassing talking to a rep on the phone. If they accept it and cash it then I'm hoping that'll show intent to pay from me and satisfy my recruiter's demands.

You can get the contact details and other information about West Asset Management from this page: westassetmgmt.html

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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West Asset Management, Inc.
2253 Northwest Pkwy SE
Marietta, GA 30067-8764
Phone: 888-433-2886
Fax: (770) 618-3742

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Showing intent to pay a debt probably wont do anything for you. Call and them to fax you a "pay off letter" . Writing and asking for a statement will probably be ignored. Better yet, call and ask for a settlement...

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(please delete this post...I accidentally posted this twice)

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bigwig250 bigwig250

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Thanks all for the info. From what I gather the GA address is the company HQ, right? So if I mail payment there it would be accepted and not be returned to sender?

@SOAPLADY Ideally I would settle with them for a reduced lump sum payment. (Actually, ideally I would continue disputing it. Like I said, the medical bill was disputed from the very beginning first with the hospital and then with the CA and I never received any kind of reply from either of them. Actually, the CA only mailed 1 letter when it first went into collections and didn't follow that with addtl. letters or phone calls. Also next year will be 7 years since I incurred the original debt.)

On my 2nd call to the CA, the rep lowered it to 50% but refused to go any lower. I accepted the offer and he promptly tried negotiating payment over the phone. I didn't feel comfortable giving my debit card info and told him that. He then suggested I buy a prepaid card. I was wary about doing that because I didn't know if there would be any proof that I had paid and based on my interactions with this company I just didn't trust them. I asked him to send me a bill and a statement echoing the verbal agreement we made (to pay 50%) but he said that it was too close to the end of the month (think it was Feb. 20th) and that the offer would expire before everything was mailed out and payment was received.

I smelled BS but I didn't know what to say other than that I found that very hard to believe. I said I'd have to think about it and he told me that if I didn't agree to the terms over the phone that his offer would expire in 2 days. I figured it was probably a pressuring tactic and said, oh well, I'll just call next month. He said that there's no way I'd get an offer that low if I wait till then.

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bigwig250 bigwig250

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