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I received a call from the collection dept. of Ameriloan from a Mark Thomas. Phone #: 800-404-9026.

Is this a trust worthy call??

being as AMERILOAN is "tribal"and totally illegal no you don't return the call until you can determine how much if anything you owe.a couple of questions.

1)how much was borrowed
2)how much was debited thus far,or before you closed your account

you see being as this i an illegal lender you only owe the principle.not only that,but anything debited in fees gets deducted from that.example:

you borrow 300.they debit 90.00 three only 30.00 and should pay it by money order only.determine those two things before calling back as all any tribal lender wants is to bully,threaten,harrass,and lie.just know that.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Ameriloan is an illegal tribal lender. Do all communications thru email. Follow the link in my signature line for info on how to deal with illegal loans.

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