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Dorsey Thornton & firm or collection agency?

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I spoke with a gentleman from the above mentioned "firm" the other night. Apparently he skipped calling me directly and went straight to my parents and my uncle to get me to call this guy back.

I called him back and he said that he had an account from a PDL that was initially $300 and has now grown to over $1,000 with interest & fees from 2006. He stated that the client had sent me 14 letters of written communcation (apparently it was from, which doesn't seem to exist), called me several times about the transaction, and now because the amount due is over $1,000 they are claiming it's a felony and that I will have to go to court over it. No mention of me getting arrested or anything like that, but I have a feeling that was what he was implying based on the messages he left with my family.

I can tell you that they do not have my current mailing address, nor do they have any information about me other than my current phone number and my old mailing address.

To be honest, I don't know whether I owe this money or not. There was a time when a lot of money was being taken out of my checking account fradulently, and while I did have a PDL at the time, I don't know if this was satisfied or not. My account had closed so if this alleged creditor tried to get money from there, the transaction was rejected.

When I inquired with the guy from DT&A, he asked if I did this on purpose. I told him no, however I was not comfortable giving him any personal information over the phone for fear of more fraudulent activity. I asked him to send me something in writing, as I felt that logically, anyone from anywhere can call me saying that I owe money and they can turn out to be another scam artist. He e-mailed me a copy of a "settlement letter" on their letterhead (which, ironically had a gavel as a watermark in the background) before the holiday yesterday. He just tried to call me now, but I wanted some feedback. He told me on the phone that I am unable to dispute the amount owed because it's now in their hands and that I had a chance to do that previously.

Can someone confirm that with me? Do I still have a right to dispute this letter? I want to be able to send it out tomorrow morning via overnight mail so he gets it on Monday.

Also, I did ask him to stop communicating with family members and only call the contact number they have for me going forward. So are they a collections agency or an alleged law firm? Can I still send them a dispute letter?


A simple search of Dorsey Thornton & Associates will give you a lot of fishy responses. Ask them to validate the debt first. As per the FDCPA, they should send you a collection letter within 5 days of initial contact.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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They haven't sent me a letter yet in the mail, but they did send one in writing as a "settlement letter". No where in the correspondence does it say I have a right to dispute the letter, or have 30 days to respond or anything like that. They refuse to send me anything that states so.

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rockinkiwi rockinkiwi

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In fact, here is the verbiage from the letter I received:

Lender: Loan
Amount Due: $856.52 ***(personal note: This was apparently on a $300 PDL)***
Date of Notice 11/24/10

Dear _________________

Our Office has assumed the responsibilitiy of obtaining a final decision regarding the above mentioned account.

Per our conversation, we are authorized to accept the following terms of a one time pay-off of $856.62, good for 11/24/10 on your account. This is an opportunity for you to uphold your legal obligation in respects to your lender. If for any reason you do not take advantage of this settlement offer by 11/25/10 then the offer becomes null & void and further colleciton activities will proceed. One the account has been satisfied all collection activities will cease and your account will be considered paid in full.

To speak with Agent David Allen, please contact this office at 404-935-9349.

Thank you in advance.

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rockinkiwi rockinkiwi

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Send them a debt validation letter now. As per the FDCPA, they are required to validate the debt if you ask them to. If they do not comply to your request, file cases against them with the FTC.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Will do! Thanks!!

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rockinkiwi rockinkiwi

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You are welcome 'rockinkiwi'. I hope you get more replies from other members too. And do keep us posted.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Howdy! Just wanted to give everyone an update on my issues with DTA. I received the e-mail from DT&A (mentioned in a previous post), and sent out a debt validation letter to the address shown on the letterhead on 12/2/10. I did not hear from them for the next few weeks. This past Friday (Jan 21) I received a phone call on my cell phone from them. They left a message. I immediately sent them an e-mail stating that they were not to call me anymore based on my letter from 12/2/10, and that they must validate the debt per my request.

Instead, I get the following e-mail about 10 minutes ago. Can you call this harrassment? I need to get a phone number for the state of PA's office to lodge a complaint and find out my rights.

January 23, 2011



DTA has been hired to determine your liability in a check fraud case in reference to a returned check you wrote. We are assuming your innocence regarding this matter, however we must speak with you to make a final determination. We have been authorized by your bank and original creditor to pursue all permissible means to resolve this matter. Please click on link to see your state laws pertaining to bad checks. lties.html. Contact our office immediately at 404-935-9490 between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and ask for the check fraud department to give your statement. We are scheduled to process 3600 claims, don't let your case be one of them. If we do not hear from you we can only assume your guilt and we will proceed forth wit. Govern yourself accordingly.

****If you live in Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Georgia, please contact you District Attorney's office. You case has already been processed through us.****
This is an attempt to collect a bad check debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector. Bad Checks are not subject to the provisions of the FDCPA.

Dorsey Thornton and Associates

It does give me the option to unsubscribe from their e-mails. I don't know what to do, but i need to make some serious phone calls in the AM. If anyone can direct me on who to call I'd appreciate it. I don't have a lawyer, and I can't afford one. I live in CT, but the alleged debt was from the State of PA. They can't tell me how much I originally owe, the real name of the vendor, etc.. But I cannot deal with assumed threats of arrest and whatnot.

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rockinkiwi rockinkiwi

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I cannot imagine any "official" or legit company would do this. Sounds like BS to me. According to stuff I see, PDL's are not legal in neither CT nor PA.

Connecticut --

Pennsylvania --

If it were me...I'd lodging complaints against the DTA company for threatening your in regards to an illegal debt.

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Mike W. Mike W.

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I received the exact same email yesterday out of the blue. I have never received any letters from this company stating debt. Today, the company called my job! Any advice? Does anyone know the laws pertaining to this in Texas? Any help would be appreciated.

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well to rockinkiwi file an immediate AG can forward that piece of garbage email as well then you reply to that by stating this.

dear losers.
i just received that ridiculous email,and was moved to file an AG complaint and forwarded that wonderful threat.i'm done dealing with you,and all calls will be recorded,or logged.also any further stupid emails will be forwarded as well.since you want to break the law and be the true criminals here.i'll treat you like it.


anyway that is how i would respond.only after really filing the AG complaint.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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