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Vince Enterprise and The Loan Shop. Anyone have addresses?

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I'm filing for bankruptcy and can't find the addresses for Vince Enterprise or the Loan Shop. Anyone have any luck with getting the mailing addresses for these two "companies"? Any help would be truly appreciated.

Hello and welcome, this is the only one I could locate, you might try typing the name of the companies into the search box located in the upper right hand corner of this forum.

Vince Enterprise is associated with Prestige Marketing.
'customerservice@prestigegm. com'
fax: 1-877-878-4700
phone: 1-877-878-2700

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Thank you so much for the lead on that. I will definitely follow up on it. I have no idea what my hubby was thinking getting involved with these types of loans! It's been a fiasco trying to nail down the addresses to these companies and he, of course, lost any paper work he had for them. Thank you again for such a prompt reply.

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Here's the information I found on the BBB site when I typed in the number from my bank statement for Vince Enterprise. I hope this helps others who are looking for this info.

Premier Company
(877) 878-2700
PO Box 681282
Kansas City, MO 64168-1282

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Here's some information on The loan shop I found on the BBB as well. Hope it's helpful.

Business Name:
Birmingham Marketing
Loan Point USA
loan shop
Loan Shop Online
LTS Management Services
The Loan Shop
Westbury Ventures
Whistler Loan Holding Shop
Business Address: 2207 Concord Pike #505
Wilmington, DE 19803
See the location on a Mapquest Map
See the location on a Google Map
John Kimball , Operations Director
Phone Number:
(800) 859-6439
(800) 351-8820
(800) 493-3380
(800) 806-9971
(800) 859-6439
(816) 591-4056
(866) 669-3430
(888) 265-5074
Fax Number:
(866) 323-6555
Email Address:
[email][ /email]
BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business
Type of Business:

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On sunday i sent vie your fax number my last pay stub and its for the year.That just might be my last check stub of the year since the pay period is split between 2009-2010 yrs.

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Vince Enterprises Ltd
623 Main Street
Hukins Plaza

Charlton Nevis

West Indies

This is the address to Vince Enterprises this company is in a different country and calls are being taking a customer service company they hired to filter there calls.

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