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I got a call from a Ms. Dawkins stating that I got a loan back in 2008 from Arrowhead and I was going to be locked up on site. She stated that I have a warrant for my arrest and several felonies. A sherrif will come to my home and or employment and lock me up. To stop this I must pay them, immediately or get on a payment plan. I was very nervous!! But then I thought about this for a min... If I had a warrant for my arrest I would have received a letter and I just had a criminal background check for employment and nothing came up! I never received ANY maill about this loan!!! Also, they said they have me on camera cashing the check. Thats weird because if I did get it then it would have been wired transfered to my account! I would not have received a paper check! I asked them to send me all documentation that I will be arrested and pictures of me at my bank! This is check aquisitions. I googled them and can't find anything on them. BTW I am in Philadlephia, PA a scam...stay off the phone

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I lost count of the number of times where collectors threatened me with arrest, come to my place of employment, my house, neighbors, etc. I would ignore the calls. They are trying to scare you into sending them money or your bank account number. Don't fall for it.

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arrowhead is an illegal tribal ipdl so just follow what aubrey and soaplady stated,i would however file a police report as ms.dawkins broke the law hand over fist.

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