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I would like thank for setting me up with a consolidation company that has SUPERIOR customer service. Whenever I have questions or a problem they fix it or get back to me very quickley. That is very hard to come by these days with companies being so big and impersonal. I pay my monthly bill...well...weekly so it is not such a huge hit one day of the month. Money comes out of my checking account every friday which works out better for me and fits my lifestyle.

This week being the first week after the holidays & I had rent and two other bills, plus a bill I didn't expect so soon that I had to pay, I wasn't going to be able to let them take out money this friday because well...there was none there :lol: . So I emailed a customer service rep and explained the situation and asked if they could take my payment from this friday and move it to wednesday (my pay day). They emailed me back in less than two hours and said everything was all set and it will come out of my account wednesday. I thought that was amazing. No hassle. No "please call whomever". And thats not it! I replied to the email and just said "THANKS!". They took the time to email me back and tell me "No, problem and have a nice afternoon".

I just thought that was amazing because I usually am always calling companies or emailing companies and things always have to be such a hassle. So I wanted to share my story and thank because they definately hooked me up with a company that fits my needs.

Hi Sarah

We are so pleased to have a positive feedback from you about our partner companies. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen some of the best debt consolidation companies from all over the United States. For us, customer satisfaction is the prime concern.

Whenever you have any sort of queries, feel free to contact your consolidation company and they will offer you suitable advice. Keep in touch with us often :D


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Mike Mike

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I will Mike! You guys definately hooked me up with a great company with good customer service!

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shopaholic5 shopaholic5

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