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Creditors Financial Group - Are they difficult to deal with?

Creditors Financial Group is a collection agency (CA). The collection agency is said to be difficult to deal with. There are many complaints against them. The consumers having experience of dealing with this company have shared their views in the DebtCC forums.

What are the Creditors Financial Group complaints?

Most of the consumers complain that this collection agency often harasses them and uses scare tactics to collect old debts. Given below are some of the bitter experiences consumers have had with this company:

  • Harassment over phone: A customer says he contacted Creditors Financial Group to make arrangements to pay off an outstanding debt of $2600. The representative talked to him rudely and hung up on him. The company contacted his parents and grandmother regarding his debt, even though none of them were liable for it. They even threatened legal action. Find more.
  • Threatening to file lawsuit: A customer says the collection agency threatened to sue her even though she was making the monthly payments to them. Get the details.
  • Collection on non-existent credit card: A person says that Creditors Financial Group collection agency called and asked him to pay off a bill of more than $8000 for a Bank of America (BofA) credit card. But he claims that he never had such a card through BofA. But the CA kept demanding money for this non-existent bill! When he called BofA, they confirmed that he had no such debt owed to them. Know more.

How should you deal with Creditors Financial Group LLC?

The following are some of the ways in which you can deal with this collection agency:

  • Record the conversation: If the collection agency representatives are harassing you over the phone and using abusive and insulting language, they will be in violation of the FDCPA laws. In such a case, you can record the phone conversation when a company representative calls you, given such recording is allowed in your state. This will act as evidence when you sue them for the violation.
  • Do not share personal information: You should never share your sensitive and personal information like your Social Security Number, etc. when you talk to the company representatives.
  • Validation and Cease and Desist letter: If you're not sure about whether you owe the debt, you should ask the CA to validate the account first. If they cannot validate the debt or if you wish to deal with your original creditor on your own, you should send them a Cease and Desist letter.
  • Take legal action: Creditors Financial Group collection agency is often accused of contacting consumer's family members and neighbors. But it is illegal for them to contact anyone apart from you and disclose your account information to them. Even if the CA contacts someone else, the only thing they are allowed to tell is that they want you to get back to them. If they violate this rule, you can take legal action against them.
  • File complaint: If the collection agency continues to violate laws and harasses you illegally, you should file complaints against them with the State Attorney General (AG) or the FTC. One of the consumers claims that filing complaints with the AG helped him stop harassment by Creditors Financial Group LLC. The CA had to send a letter of apology to the AG's office. They not only stopped harassing him but also turned his account back to the original creditor! Get more information on this.

If you feel the need to contact the CA, you can use the following detail:

Creditors Financial Group Address:

3131 S. Vaughn Way #110, Aurora, CO - 80014.

Creditors Financial Group Phone Number: (888) 298-7107

Hi all. Today, I decided to take initiative as to ...
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Hi all. Today, I decided to take initiative as to contacting Creditors Financial Group LLC to make arrangements of an outstanding debt that I have, approx. $2600. I am currently in college, planning to graduate, and it is truly unfeasable for me to pay the amount in full, as they have demanded. I offered an amount that is reasonable to my current budget and the representative immediately commented "I would think you being in college would give you a little more common sense and intelligence about the matter." and then hung up on me!!! I know this is probably one of their tactics, but how would I go about setting up a payment arrangement with them pending the fact that they obviously feel its not worth their time or amount they demanded. Also, they've contacted my parents and grandmother, all of which whose names were no where on my application, threating court action. So in a nutshell, I'm somewhat at a lost as to what I should do.


**just read on another thread that it is illegal for them to call one's cell phone. that has been the only means they have contacted me other than through mail. what does this mean?


You must be having the Creditors Financial Group address. Send them a letter in writing offer your payment proposal along with a check. If they cash it, you will understand that they have accepted your proposal. Do remember to send this letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. You will have proof that you made every effort to pay the account.

A collection agency, Creditors Financial Group, cannot contact a person after they have been notified to correspond through mail only. You need to send a cease and desist letter clearly mentioning the point "Correspondence through written communication only, no phone calls". After they have received this information from you, they will be legally restricted from calling you over the phone. This is a federal law and if they try to break it, you can take legal assistance in this matter.

collection agencies make the dealings look tougher. Do not hesitate or fear Creditors Financial Group. They are trying to collect the full amount at one time. You need to make them understand your financial situation. Applying force on you or using unfair collection tactics are against the laws of business.

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david david

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Again, I was reading the forums and ran across a situation where the collection agency asked for a SSN. It was adviced not to give them the info, pending that they are able to pull up your information without it. In relevance to my situation, I can remember the first individual I spoke to asking for mine because it was "quicker" to look up faster than giving him the 15 or 20 digit account number. I did, so what should I do now??!!! The more I read the forum, the more I wish I had or hadn't done before they hung up in my face!! THESE PEOPLE ARE A TRIP!!! Thanx for any info or suggestions.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 04/27/2006 - 19:17

ls3designs ls3designs

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Hi ls3designs

You must make sure that your SSN info is with the company that must be authorized for it. If it is gone to a company doing illegitimate business, you need to monitor your credit file regularly. SSN# can be used to open up new credit accounts unknown to you until you view your file. If this happens, the credit company will ask for the payments and you will have long process to prove your identity theft. The best move is to monitor your file regularly.

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john john

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stay away from them...they have 38 pending court actions against Creditors Financial Group for illegal debt collection practices...they have never sued anyone! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY or INFORMATION!!!

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I have had very unpleasant dealings with Creditors Financial Group LLC...I was about to make them an offer but will not do so the way I had planned. Thanks for all the info...

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I am currently dealing with Creditors Financial Group collection agency and definitely should have done some research before agreeing to pay (THIS MORNING) 1/3 of what we owe! I have never felt so threatened in my life! Alyssa, my "rep" told me that I was going to loose everything we had if I didn't pay. I am sickened after the conversation I had with her and now even more so after reading this blog! I am so mad that I didn't read this a few hours earlier. They are terrible people and I can't believe they can sleep at night!

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Send Creditors Financial Group collection agency a "debt validation" and a "Cesae and Desist" letter by CMRRR. This will stop them in their tracks.

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Don't give them any information about your bank account your ssn or anything send them only money orders and do not let them tell you what to pay you tell them also I too have read that they don't sue and if they threaten to sue you don't believe it record the calls from creditors financial group phone number, if you are sure your state allows it and do send them the paper saying only to contact you through mail don't let them abuse you
I personally think the way they do their business they don't deserve the money

Sub: #8 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 13:39


I hate these people!
I sent them a letter around Halloween, with my current phone number. I then told them I could only afford to send them $50 a month, and sent a check along with my letter.
I asked that they stop calling my in-laws and my mother, as they are not responsible for my debt.
Just found out today that they called my sister and asked for me. They claimed that Creditors Financial Group LLC cannot reach me by phone. BULL. I gave them my correct phone number. I haven's seen a call come in from CFG on the caller ID, and they haven't left me a message on my machine.......................

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GS did you send Creditors Financial Group a C&D letter by CMRRR? If not they will continue to call your relatives, friends, etc.

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