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I have major debt problems. Actually about $60,000.00 worth fo them. I have around $38,000.00 in private student loan debt. My payment for this is around $350 a month and will take 20 years to pay off. I also have around $7500 in government student loan debt. I owe nearly $12000 on my car, $7500 on credit cards, and owe $2700 on a personal loan. The major reason for all this debt was because i got layed off fromm my previous job. I decided to go back to school( a two year tech school). At the time i was living with my parents and soon after starting school my parents got our house repo'd. Now i had no other choice but to move out on my own. I was determined to finish school so i got a part time job which was not enough to cover barely any of my expenses. I did not qualify for any financial aid because I was under 23 single, didn't have any kids, was never in the service, and my parents who offered no help at all made too much money. I was forced to take out private student loans just to be able to get by and am now paying for it. I have graduated and do have a good job. I make 21.46 per hour. I know this is more than a lot of people make, but i am struggling to pay all the bills every month and i am not blowing my money on things i dont need. so far my credit is still pretty good, but starting this month i have to start paying on my student loans that were in deferral period. I am sure that i will have no choice but to pay some of my bills late and hurt my credit. I dont own a house, but would really like too some day. As of next month i will be paying out between $1400 and $1600 a month paying minimum payments. At this rate it could take me from 10 to 20 years just to pay off this debt. It seems like all the hard work i have done in the past to better my self has actually just hurt me. Can anyone help me?

As of next month I will be paying out between $1400 and $1600 a month paying minimum payments. At this rate it could take me from 10 to 20 years just to pay off this debt.

Do you know that now you are able to change this scenario? You can pay off all your unsecured debts, like student loans ??? both federal and private, personal loans and credit card debts through a debt consolidation program.

In a debt consolidation program all your loans are placed under a single loan amount and you are offered easy monthly installments to pay off the debts. The consultant who will be working for you in the program can waive the interest rate and reduce the total debt amount that you owe to your creditors.

Consolidation helps you become debt free within a shorter time span, which might not possible if you try to negotiate by your own.

Since you have already registered with this site, you are about to receive a call from one of the best debt consolidation companies in a couple of days. You should utilize the free counseling session very well. Discuss all your problems and doubts with the consultant and cooperate with him as much as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, best of luck.

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