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Frequenly raised insinuations by trolls

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We have had trolls in the forums who raise insinuations to break the unity of the forum.

I am creating this topic to answer all the past insinuations. I request the moderators to refer the trolls to this topic next time they insinuate something that has already been answered. If it has not been answered then we will use a member only forum to discuss the insinuations that is being raised. After the discussion we will add one more question here along with its answer. Also we will move the insinuating topic to "Moderator only forum" to keep the negativity out of the open forums.

Q1) You pay people to post in the forum ?
Yes people collect DebtCC points when they post in the forum and they can redeem them for 1 cent each. The moderators of this community always wanted to create an alternative for payday loan high interest rates. Since there is a definite need in the economy for short term cash advance in case of emergency. The debtcc points is an attempt to develop an alternative to payday loans.

Q2) You make money from this website.
Yes I do. I only accept advertising from companies which have a satisfactory record with BBB. I could have made more money if I accepted advertising from companies which did not have BBB membership or had unsatisfactory record with BBB. I have decided not to since my education teaches me that in the long run accepting advertising from only BBB satisfactory listed companies is a better idea.

Q3) You use multiple identities ?
I use the id Vikas on this forum since I run other forum and the name of this website starts with D it just lets me remember when some one calls me on my cell phone and says "Hi Vikas" I know it must be one of the moderators from "DebtCC". Its a common practice to use a screen name on the internet. Vikas is just my screen name. My personal cell phone number and email address is available to all the moderators in this forum.

Q4) You are a brown skinned Indian and .. (other racial comments) ?
yes I am a proud brown skinned Asian Indian. I am sure we can all rise above race.

Q5) You refer people to law firms without following the laws of lawyer referral services ?
I have taken legal opinion and I am confident that all laws are being followed.

Q6) You have worked for the companies you receive advertising dollars from?
Yes I have.

Q7) You are only active on the forum when its night in the US and hence you live in India ?
I live on the west coast.

Q8 ) This is a fake forum and you pay people in India to post on this forum?
I have to pay for b/w hard disk space and processing when there are more posts. This forum has over 350,000 posts last I checked. There are enough people with real problems posting in this forum. And there are enough moderators with a big enough heart to contribute their time in these forums. Why do I need to hire people in India to post in these forums again ?

Q9) When its a Hindu holiday the forum is less active and hence the posters in this forum are all Hindu from India?
I am a Hindu and I celebrate Hindu holidays so I am not active during Hindu holidays. No posters in this forum are not all Hindus from India.

Q10) You sub contract work to a company in India ?
Yes I do.

Q11) You tried to start your own law firm ?
Yes I did. During research I realized that since I am not a lawyer it was not possible for me to start a law firm or practice law. Hence I enrolled myself in law school. One day I will be a lawyer and then I will either start a law firm or join a law firm as a lawyer.

Q12) One of the companies that advertises in this forum is located in a house in need of repair ?
No they are not.

Q13) This site is filled with some very, very poor legal advice ?
None of the advice in this forum has ever been claimed to be legal advice.

Thank you to all the moderators of this forum who have given countless hours of selfless service to keep the community clean and united.

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