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I got a call from Federal Bond and Collection Service today. Actually I did not, my father did. He lives on the other side of the country and they called him. They told him that I owed them money, and they tried to get him to give them a credit card number. My father informed me and I called the number they left. I spoke with a Ms Toni Brown. When I asked her why she had given out my personal information to someone she told me "its all in a days work" which made no sense. Then I told her that I felt that she had violated the Fair Debt Collection Act and she yelled "You're a dumb ass and dont know a damn thing about the rules" then hung up on me.
Fact of the matter is, I researched my credit report after this phone call. They are claiming I owe a credit card company $597. What I do not understand is that I once owed that company around $1200, but paid it off in full. I never had another account with them, ever. So I do not know how I could owe them $597. Its on my credit report and I want it off of there because its not mine.

Any ideas or info on Federal Bond and Collection Service.



(215) 624-2700

Hmmm...according to the BBB this company is no longer in business, LOL....BBB says the phone number is disconnected and mail sent to them is returned undeliverable. I would be careful. Could be a scammer.

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I would get a copy of your credit report....see if they have reported anything on it, and see if they have an updated address for this company. If you have paid, and have proof...then send a dispute to the credit bureaus.

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Thanks for the info!

That is strange. You may have a point. Asset Acceptence is listed on my credit report as the collection agency. Well, I have sent out dispute letters this afternoon, so I will wait to hear back.
And if someone is trying to scam me, good luck to them because I have no intention of paying them, as the debt is not mine :)

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See the only hard part about this is that I dont actually have any proof. My father paid this debt off back in 2000 and he never thought to keep any proof. Good old dad... Too trusting

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The original creditor should have proof that the debt was paid in full....the fact that Asset Acceptance shows up on your credit report explains a lot...they are a very well known bad CA...if you look around this forum, you will see that. Make sure anything you send to these guys is sent certified mail return receipt requested, and document everything.

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And if someone is trying to scam me, good luck to them because I have no intention of paying them, as the debt is not mine
Make your point legal by disputing on every detail sent the CA. Some collection agencies are well known for their dirty tricks of filing a case against the person fraudulently. If you do not dispute on the item that they sent, (thinking it to be not yours and ignoring it), they will set a court date and prove the judge that you are trying to avoid it. Thus, the judge will get a feeling about your ignorance to which you are complete unaware and make this debt legal. You will get a notice from the court saying that this is your debt and you will have to pay it legally.

Thus, it is very important for you to dispute in writing. Doing this, you can actually prove the judge the steps that you have taken till this time and resolve the matter. The most important thing is that you never ignored anything.

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john john

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Good points. I have sent off dispute letters today certified return receipt. Now we play the waiting game I guess to see if they respond :)

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Has anyone heard of FBCS Federal bond collection service? this is showing up on my credit report under bank of america. When i call Bank of America they show no such debt. Im confused. When i called the company they want my soc. # and i just think its stange that bank of america cant pull anything up but this company can. Any one out there that can help me out on this one?

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gabriel, don't give your ssn# without knowing the complete debt details for which FBCS is collecting. It might happen that they have your wrong information. You might have been mistaken while looking for someone else. Send a letter to the company requesting for the details of the account. If they can't give you anything in writing, their entry must be removed from your credit file. Dispute the item with the company and ask for more information. You have your legal rights protected under the FCRA.

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Gretchin Gretchin

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I got a call from the agency recently, and my attorney is filing suit today for fdcpa violations, the refused to give me an address, said they were going to get a judge make me pay and there was nothing I could do about it, told me to clean my house and find the letters they had mailed me, then in a few minutes, told me they don't have to send letters, they call. Daily...

I will let you know how this suit goes. By the way, I was a ID Theft victim a year ago, and I will not tolerate this mess. No does my attorney...

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