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Open your fingerhut credit account - Apply today, buy today

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I am trying to find information regarding this account. I want to pay it off and have it removed from my credit report. I don't even remember opening this account. Please help!!

I have paid my balance. They have ruined my credit not once but twice. 2 reports for one account. When i had a balance, they did not even send a statement out until I was already late.

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Two reports for one account do not seem to be correct. Dispute it with credit bureaus.

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stanley stanley

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The numbers listed at the top of the page are valid; however, in certain cases, you may not get a lot of help from this number. My mom used to have an account with Finerhut, and she never had any problems with this company. About a year ago, I used my checking account information and had her payment drafted from my account each month. My mom called the number listed above today and tried to find out her current balance. Because my mom's Fingerhut account existed before 2002, the representative could not provide her with the desired information.

As it turns out, Fingerhut came under new management sometime between 2002-2003. The name of the bank that handles the new Fingerhut accounts is called CIT. CIT does have any information regarding the old accounts that existed before 2002. The company that handled the older accounts was called Credit Advantage. If you call Fingerhut's customer service number, and they can not help you, try this information given here.

Credit Advantage's Fax Number: (320) 229-8583 (This is the ONLY phone number that Fingerhut could give me.)

Credit Advantage's Address
P. O. Box 7999
St. Cloud, MN 56302

If you don't have a fax machine, I would suggest typing something up. Make sure you date and sign the document. Then find a friend or family member that has access to a fax machine and ask them to fax the desired document. Hopefully, you will get a quick response.

In addition to this, I want to give you another word of advice. Just because you HAD a Fingerhut account in the past does not mean that you still have one with them. If you wish to have a current Fingerhut account, you will have to fill out the application at their website or apply over the phone. However, if your goal is to pay off your Fingerhut bill, and you don't want to do business with them again, then you have nothing to worry about. Once accounts that existed before 2002 are paid off, then you no longer have a Fingerhut account anymore. I hope this information helps someone.

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In the second paragraph, I left out an important word in one of the sentences. The sentence should say that CIT does NOT have information on any accounts that existed before 2002.

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I just recently contacted Fingerhut by phone (the number given above) and they told me that I did not have an account with them. If you had established an account with the company before 2002, it has been closed. In 2002, the company was discontinued and then transfered under new management. You should fax any inquires to (320) 229-8583 (03-11-2008)

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can fingerhut collect on old accounts after filing bankruptcy?

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I have been with Fingerhut since I was 18, I am now 48 this year. Yes they did switch their credit depatment a few years back, but in all these years I NEVER had one problem with them in any way. Different strokes for different folks.


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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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Just most of you I have had the same trouble with trying to pay off my debt to fingerhut. I had an account back in 96. Fingerhut would say that didn't get my payment and so forth so I had just forgotten about it. Last time I knew my account was at a balance of 314.00. I'm currently in the process of filing chapter 7. This isn't on my credit report anymore but I know that I owe this debt and was told that I need to include EVERYTHING I owe. So that it won't come back and bite me in the butt. I have called every number and even faxed and mailed to the above address with no reply. What is your advice so I just leave it off and deal with it when it comes back any suggestions. Anyone????

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What state do you live in? You are well past federal reporting time but some states have a 15 year SOL.

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