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i am trying to down/up load a avaatar image in this site.
in the profile section.
i am having problems, my picture is gif but the site says it won't accept it inless its gif. frustrating, or its says that it has to be a certain size. i don't know the size. its smaller than
half of the other pictures on the site. does your site computer hate my computer. why is the site computer picking on my little ole dell lap top. just because you have more ram than me
is no reason to bully me around. don't make me sic my mouse on you, it won't be pretty. :evil: :twisted:

my pc is little,so it has to talk big napoleon complex
what am i doing wrong????

It's not necessarily the physical size of the pic, but the amount of memory the pic takes up.

To resize your pic do the following:

Open Paint - Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - Paint

Open the file of the pic you want as your avatar

Go to Image - Stretch/Skew

Put 50 for horizontal, 50 for vertical

Save the picture, making sure it's a .gif

Go to Image - Attributes This will show you the size of your picture. It must be less then 135pixels by 100 pixels.

If it's still too large, repeat the above process until the pic is small enough.

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