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Has anyone ever heard of them or dealt with them? I am assuming they are a fraud.

Where is this company based? Have you checked the feedbacks for this company with your local attorney general? The Dept of finance will also be a good source of information.

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 09/14/2006 - 14:05

Christina Christina

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about fairmont investment group did you find out anything about them Ive just received a contract with them but i dont know if its for real did they offer you a loan for for upfront money that will go towards your first few payments. please reply.

Sub: #2 posted on Sun, 09/24/2006 - 09:39


Anyone who offers you upfront money to help you isn't usually legit. Be really carefull about signing anything-there's always a catch. If it sounds to good to be true-it usually is. Good Luck...Karen

Sub: #3 posted on Sun, 09/24/2006 - 12:01

Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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did you find anything out? I am skeptical since they are asking for money in return for getting the loan

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 09/25/2006 - 13:39



It sounds suspicious if a loan company is asking money from you upfront. No legitimate loan company does this before the money is actually deposited into the account. I think I will stay away from them. You never know about risking your hard earned money because there are lots of scams around on such issues.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 09/25/2006 - 15:21

Christina Christina

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Oh my god i thought i was the only one who had suspicious about this "company", the 1st thing i was wondering how in the hell!! They get my number? And why do i need to give money up front for a loan? So b4 i went alone with this "scam" i wanted to do my research on them 1st. And lord and behold there are others who feel the same as myself, i also wonder how many people they really con out of money, maybe i should report them to the goverment and the bbb.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 17:24


I am pretty sure it is an advance fee loan scam from Canada. I had got a call from them about a loan I had applied for with them for $6,000. However, I never applied for a loan with them. They will request insurance money up front to secure the loan. It will need to be wired to an individual in Canada. These scams have been around for a while now, and as others have stated, no reputable company will require money up front before they loan you money. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 19:48

bible_kme bible_kme

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All, everyone! Pass this on wherever you can. Fairmont's scam has ruined my 25 year career and i'm about to lose everything. They have an impressive web site and bbs listing that looks good. They are an advanced fee loan broker. They sound sincere and keep making apologies for their canadian lender backing out and then tell you they have another but for a higher loan amount requiring more up front payments. By law, no loan or credit company can collect fees up front. They are added onto your loan. Also letters of guarantee are only lip service and a sign of a scam. If they come through with the restaraunt gift certificate they are sending for not coming through, i'll at least have something to eat while the kanooks party down in florida on my stupidity. :evil:

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 22:12


This company is a scam, I NEARLY fell for it until I stayed up all night researching. They are a new loan scam business in a wave of these types of theft. Follow thier scamming and others just like them at where the victims are. Here is 1 link Use the search feature and search for thier company name.

Link made inactive as per forum rules - Mike

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 12:11


My husband was innocently just trying to consolidate bills and protect our family and I wasn't even suposed to be involved which is why I did not know about this when he first got involved. Fairmont ripped us off to the tune of $5,000.00. When I realized what was happening, I put a stop to it. We sent someone to their Sarasota, FL address listed on their "professional" website. Guess what? There's no Fairmont there! The old guy at the business that was there said the FBI was looking for Fairmont Investments too, as well as the Cody Roberts and David McKenzie - if that's even their names. Don't be a victim too, stay away from them. They are smooth, they will try to talk you out of everything you have or ever will have! Don't be a victim! Whatever you do, steer away from them and do not listen to one skanky word they say!

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