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Payday Loan Licensing Contact Information by State

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I've compiled this list of Licensing Regulatory information for each state.
Please Please utilize these numbers!
If you have a pdl that is not licensed in your state, call your Licensing Regulation Department. They are there to help you, they will write letters, take phone calls and meet with you.
This is their job, and they work for YOU!
Many don't want to call for fear of legal issues, but that simply isn't true!
Please refer our new members and members being harrassed by payday lenders to this sticky...Thanks!

Regulator: Alabama Banking Department
Address: P.O. Box 4600 Montgomery, AL 36103
Phone: (334) 242-3452
Fax: (334) 353-5961
Regulatory Contact: Arlene Baldwin,Consumer Services Speciali st, Bureau of Loans

Regulator: Alaska Division of Banking and Securities
Address: P.O. Box 110807 Juneau, AK 99811
Phone: (888) 925-2521
Fax: (907) 465-2549
Regulatory Contact: Patrice Walsh, Financial Institution Examiner

Regulator: Arkansas State Board of collection agencies
Address: Division of Check-Cashing Companies, 523 Louisiana Street, Suite 460 Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 371-1434
Fax: (501) 371-1440

Regulator: Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
Address: Financial Enterprises Division, 2910 N. 44th Street, Suite 310 Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (800) 544-0708
Fax: (602) 381-1225

Regulator: California Department of Corporations
Address: Financial Services Division, 1515 K Street, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (866) 275-2677

Regulator: Colorado Office of the Attorney General
Address: Uniform Consumer Credit Code, 1525 Sherman St., 5th Fl. Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 866-4494
Fax: (303) 866-5691
Regulatory Contact: Laura Udis, Administrator

Regulator: Connecticut Department of Banking
Address: 260 Constitution Plaza Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 240-8299
Fax: (860) 240-8167
Regulatory Contact: Alan Cicchetti, Deputy Commissioner

Regulator: Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Address: 555 E. Loockerman Street Suite 210 Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-4235
Fax: (302) 739-3609
Regulatory Contact: Administrator, Non-Depository Institutions and Compliance

Regulator: Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Address: Division of Securities and Finance, 200 E. Gaines Street Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: (850) 410-9805
Fax: (850) 410-9748

Pay Day Loans are illegal
Regulator: Georgia Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Address: Industrial Loan Division, Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive West Tower, Suite 704 Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-2070
Fax: (404) 657-8542
Regulatory Contact: Frank Ogletree, Director

Regulator: Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Address: Consumer Resource Center, 235 S. Beretania Street, Rm 801 Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 587-3222
Fax: (808) 586-2640
Regulator: Idaho Department of Finance
Address: Consumer Credit Section, 700 West State Street, 2nd Floor Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 332-8000
Fax: (208) 332-8099
Regulatory Contact: Mike Larsen, Consumer Finance Bureau Chief

Regulator: Illinois Division of Financial Institutions
Address: Consumer Credit Section, 320 W. Washington Springfield, IL 62701
Phone: (888) 298-8089
Regulatory Contact: Phil Sanson, Acting Consumer Credit Assistant Supervisor

Regulator: Iowa Division of Banking
Address: 200 East Grand Avenue, Suite 300 Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: (515) 281-4014
Fax: (515) 281-4862
Regulatory Contact: Rodney Reed,, Finance Bureau Chief

Regulator: Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
Address: 30 South Me ridian St reet, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (800) 382-4880
Regulatory Contact: Mark Tarpey,, Supervisor, Consumer Credit

Regulator: Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Address: 700 SW Jackson, Suite 300 Topeka, KS 66603
Phone: (785) 296-2266
Fax: (785) 296-0168
Regulatory Contact: Kevin C. Glendening,, Deputy Commissioner, Division of Consumer and Mortgage Lending

Regulator: Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions
Address: 1025 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200 Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (800) 223-2579
Fax: (502) 573-8787
Regulatory Contact: Gary Davis, Branch Manager

Regulator: Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
Address: P.O. Box 94095 Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Phone: (225) 925-4660
Fax: (225) 925-4548
Regulatory Contact: John J. Braud,, Deputy Chief Examiner

Payday Loans are illegal - Permitted for Supervised Lenders
Regulator: Maine Office of Consumer Credit Regulation
Address: Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, 35 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207) 624-8527
Fax: (207) 582-7699
Regulatory Contact: William N. Lund, Director

Illegal unless licensed
Very tight laws on small loans
Regulator: Massachusetts Division of Banks
Address: One South Station Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 956-1500
Fax: (617) 956-1599
Regulatory Contact: Kevin McNamara, Supervisor

Payday Loans are illegal
Regulator: Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Address: 500 North Calvert Street Suite 402 Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 230-6100
Fax: (410) 333-3866
Regulatory Contact: Michael Jackson, Director, Regulatory Policy

Regulator: Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Address: P.O. Box 30220 Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (877) 999-6442
Fax: (517) 335-4978

Regulator: Minnesota Department of Commerce
Address: Division of Financial Examinations, 85 7th Place East, Suite 500 St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 296-2135
Fax: (651) 296-8591
Regulatory Contact: Kevin Murphy,, Deputy Commissioner

Regulator: Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Address: 901 Woolfolk Building, Suite A 501 N. West Street Jackson, MS 39201
Phone: (601) 359-1031
Fax: (601) 359-3557
Regulatory Contact: Ronny Harrison,, Chief Examiner, Consumer Finance Division

Regulator: Missouri Division of Finance
Address: Consumer Credit Section, P. O. Box 716 301 W. High Street Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3242
Fax: (573) 751-9192
Regulatory Contact: Joe Crider,, Supervisor, Consumer Credit

Regulator: Montana Department of Administration
Address: Division of Banking and Financial Institutions, 301 South Park, Suite 316 P.O. Box 200546 Helena, MT 59620
Phone: (406) 841-2920
Fax: (406) 841-2930
Regulatory Contact: Annie M. Goodwin,, Commissioner

Regulator: Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance
Address: Financial Institutions, 1230 'O' Street, Suite 400 P.O. Box 95006 Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2171
Regulatory Contact: Karen Reynolds,, Review Examiner

New Hampshire:
Regulator: New Hampshire State Banking Department
Address: 64B Old Suncook Road Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-3561
Fax: (603) 271-0750
Regulatory Contact: Mary Jurta,, Director, Consumer Credit Division

New Jersey
Payday Loans are illegal
Regulator: New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
Address: 20 West State St. Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-5360
Fax: (609) 292-5461
Regulatory Contact: Ludi Hughes, Assistant Commissioner

Regulator: Nevada Financial Institutions Division
Address: 2785 E. Desert Inn Rd., Suite 180 Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: (702) 486-4120
Fax: (702) 486-4563
Regulatory Contact: , Supervisory Examiner

New Mexico:
Regulator: New Mexico Financial Institutions Division
Address: 2550 Cerrillos Road, 3rd Floor P. O. Box 25101 Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505)476-4885
Fax: (505) 476-4670
Regulatory Contact: Henry A. Vigil,, Consumer Industry Manager

New York:
Payday Loans are illegal
Regulator: New York State Banking Department
Address: One State Street New York, NY 10004
Phone: 1-877-BANK-NYS
Regulatory Contact: Regina A. Stone, Deputy Superintendent

North Carolina:
Payday Loans are illegal
Regulator: North Carolina Attorney General (See also Commissioner of Banks)
Address: NC Attorney General's Office 9001 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Phone: (919) 716-6400

North Dakota:
Regulator: North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions
Address: 2000 Schafer Street, Suite G Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 328-9933
Fax: (701) 328-9955
Regulatory Contact: Robert J. Entringer,, Assistant Commissioner

Regulator: Ohio Division of Financial Institutions
Address: 77 South High Street, 21st Floor Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 728-8400
Regulatory Contact: Robert M. Grieser,, Deputy Superintendent for Consumer Finance

Regulator: Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit
Address: 4545 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 104 Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 521-3653
Fax: (405) 521-6740
Regulatory Contact: Jack Stone,, Deputy Administrator

Regulator: Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services
Address: Division of Finance & Corporate Securities, 350 Winter St. NE, Rm. 410 Salem, OR 97301
Phone: (503) 378-4140
Fax: (503) 947-7862
Regulatory Contact: Charles Donald,, Supervising Examiner, Non-depository Programs

Payday Loans are Illegal
Regulator: Pennsylvania Department of Banking
Address: Market Square Plaza, 17 N. Second Street Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: (717) 214-8343
Fax: (717) 787-8773
Regulatory Contact: Jim Keiser, Administrator of Non-Depository Institutions

Rhode Island:
Regulator: Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation
Address: Division of Banking, 233 Richmond Street, Suite 231 Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 222-2405
Fax: (401) 222-5628
Regulatory Contact: Dennis F. Ziroli,, Assoc. Director & Supt.

South Carolina:
Regulator: South Carolina State Board of Financial Institutions
Address: Consumer Finance Division, P.O. Box 11905 Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: (803) 734-2020
Fax: (803) 734-2025
Regulatory Contact: C. Dean Bratton,, Commissioner of Consumer Finance

Regulator: Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
Address: 511 Union Street, Suite 400 Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: (615) 741-2236
Fax: (615) 532-1018
Regulatory Contact: Bart Daughdrill,

Regulator: Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner
Address: 2601 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78705
Phone: (512) 936-7600
Fax: (512) 936-7610

Watch out for lenders in this state..there are no usury laws!!!
Regulator: Utah Department of Financial Institutions
Address: 324 South State Street, Suite 201 Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 538-8830
Fax: (801) 538-8894

Regulator: Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions
Address: State Corporation Commission, 1300 East Main Street, Suite 800 Post Office Box 640 Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 371-9657
Fax: (804) 371-9416
Regulatory Contact: Susan E. Hancock,, Deputy Commissioner, Consumer Finance

Payday Loans are Illegal
Regulator: Vermont Banking Division
Address: Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration, 89 Main St Drawer 20 Montpelier, VT 05620
Phone: (802) 828-3307
Fax: (802) 828-3306
Regulatory Contact: Sue S. Clark, Regulatory and Consumer Affairs Chief

Washington State:
Legal Status: Legal (Lender must have a small loan endorsement to their check casher license in order to make payday loans)
Regulator: Washington Department of Financial Institutions
Address: Division of Consumer Services, PO Box 41200 Olympia, WA 98504
Phone: (360) 902-8700
Fax: (360) 725-7827
Regulatory Contact: Chuck Cross,, Director of Consumer Services

Regulator: D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Address: 810 First Street, NE, Suite 701 Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 727- 8000
Fax: (202) 535-1197
Regulatory Contact: Howard Amer,, Director, Banking Bureau

Regulator: Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Address: Wisconsin Consumer Act Section, P.O. Box 8041 Madison, WI 53708
Phone: (608) 261-9555
Fax: (608) 261-7200
Regulatory Contact: Paul Egide,, Consumer Act Director

West Virginia:
Payday Loans are Illegal
Regulator: Office of West Virginia Attorney General (see also West Virginia Division of Banking)
Address: Consumer Protection Division 812 Quarrier St., 4th Floor Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (800) 368-8808
Fax: (304) 558-0184

Regulator: Wyoming Division of Banking
Address: Uniform Consumer Credit Code, 122 West 25th Street Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7797
Fax: (307) 777-3555
Regulatory Contact: Joe Mulberry,, UCCC Supervisor

How do we find out if the payday loan is licensed in our state or not? where would I find this information.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 12:57

arj800 arj800

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Each state regulator has the database of the loan companies licensed in their state. You will get the information from them. The contact numbers are given above of each state regulator. Call them for more information on the company you want to know about.

erzeke1, this list is really helpful. You have done so much hard work on this. :)

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 13:06

keystrokes keystrokes

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Thanks for the very useful information. I currently live in NJ, If paydays are ilegal what should i do. I have paid many $$$ and still owe many more.

Sub: #3 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 14:12

cristinekz cristinekz

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Liz-thanks for the hard work on this!! It will help many of use to refer to and the new ones also. :D ...Karen

Sub: #4 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 14:15

Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Thanks Liz! You're info is a huge help as always.

Sub: #5 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 14:24

Tiffany99 Tiffany99

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The template letters that we canuse to send to the payday loan companies, on the bottom of one of them it states to list an attorneys name. I have not talked to an attorney do I have to put one in there?

Sub: #6 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 17:29

arj800 arj800

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Oh I love you!!! I needed this info for someone, and was about to go looking!!

Thank you!!!!

Sub: #7 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 17:33

finsfan13 finsfan13
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My pleasure my dears!!!
This will save a WHOLE LOT of time when answering "help me find..." questions.

This is a great start of information for payday loan victims...remember, we'll support you all here, and we'll try to answer any questions we can...but you have to do some of your own homework too. This information should be more than helpful to you!

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 19:26

erzeke1 erzeke1

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Thanks for all of your hard work. This is an awesome list :)

Sub: #9 posted on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 07:41

Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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Does this list apply to Title loan companies as well?


Sub: #10 posted on Fri, 10/20/2006 - 14:19

choicechange choicechange

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