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Someone stole my identity and used it to open an account with DirectTV, the account became delinquent and it is now in collections. I found out through a routine credit check. I called the collection agency and they told me that I must send a letter along with the copy of the police report. Is there a form letter that I can use to send the collection agency? I don't know what to write. What else should I do? I already placed a fraud alert on my report and have a police report. How can I get this negative mark off from my record?

Use simple language in the letter to explain that you have been a victim of identity theft and have placed fraud alert with the credit bureaus. Send copies of the police report along with the letter. Therefore, the suspicious account does not belong to you and you have notified the creditor about this. (Show them the copy of the letter you sent to the creditor). Everything will be taken care and you won't have to pay this.

Read this page in the FTC website very carefully. It will guide you the necessary steps about dealing with the creditor and the collection agency.

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