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Has anyone heard of genova roth one day they just started taken money out of my checking account please help me get a hold of them

Did you ever apply for a loan with Geneva Roth Ventures? They must have got your checking account info in their website. There is a complete discussion about this company here tml

Talk to your bank about the debits done by Geneva Roth. Since it's unauthorized, they will place it on dispute with the company and get it verified. You will have money into your account if they are unable to explain the debits done.

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GunsNroses GunsNroses

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Thanks Gun n Roses does anybody know how to email these scam bags

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 01/23/2007 - 12:44

Bryanwatts Bryanwatts

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Geneva's contact info is:
Geneva Roth Ventures
P.O. Box 148
Mission, KS 66201

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brownsugar brownsugar

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I am having the same problem with Geneva Roth. They deposited $300.00 into my account in November 2006 and immediatly started withdrawing $90.00 every two weeks. There had been no phone contact or email contact with me to verify any information before this happened.

Then, I started getting emails on an email address that is not my primary one that was showed the Sender as being "Customer Service" and the Subject was : "My Name - Extension Form." Normally I would not open such emails because I consider them spam or junk mail. This one I did open and read though, and it was an extension form from LoanpointUSA-Geneva Roth Capital to extend or pay down my loan.

There was no information on the form as to the amount that I had borrowed, when the next payment would be taken out, or even how much. They simply wanted me to mark off if I wanted to extend it or pay down. I did not fax the form back as stated for obvious reasons. I did reply to the email and said the loan was not authorized, but clearly my email just went into oblivion.

Recently I got three phone calls on my work number for a "Mary" at GRC. She didn't even spell the name of the company I couldn't figure out who that was. I did not take any of her calls or return her calls, because I want all communication in writing with them.

Since the email came from, I looked up their website and sure enough they have one, whereas Geneva Roth does not. It is a site that allows you to apply for a payday loan, so I typed in my girlfriends information too see what it would ask for, because I knew that I had never applied for an internet payday loan with this company.

When it got to the end of the application process, it produced a created Fax Cover Sheet that you are supposed to fax back to the number listed on it, along with a void personal check, a recent paystub, and a copy of a recent bank statement. That was when I knew for sure that I had never applied for a loan through this company. Any payday loans that I made the mistake of taking out, were all faxless and each allowed me to print out a loan agreement or gave me a login to a valid website that I could go and check status on or renew my loan. The phone number for Customer Service on the extension forms that been emailed to me and the one's on the website were the same, however I did not try calling them.

They can come to me and I plan on standing my ground that I did not apply for a loan through them.

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 03/02/2007 - 10:53

Nic95403 Nic95403

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Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 05/03/2007 - 07:20

tsacgiv tsacgiv

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Here is an update to where things stand for me with this bogus Company.

Several months ago I filed a formal complaint with the State of California Attorney General's office regarding Geneva Roth Ventures/Capital. They responded to the complaint and sent false information and false "loan agreement" documents to the Attorney General, which of course stated nothing about an actual loan that I supposedly had with them. Instead it was about 6 pages of nothing but "legal jargon," with my name typed in a couple of places. They also stated that they had no records of me ever returning any of their calls, which I gladly provided the Attorney General's office with a copy of my phone bill detail, confirming that I had in fact called them. They claimed they had sent this "loan agreeement" to me by US Mail and Email, both of which were false, and provided a tracking page from the Internet to show that I had been on their "Loanpoint USA" website, so therefore, I must have applied for a loan. I have checked out that website a couple of times and even completed a pseudo application too see where the website takes you. At the end of the application process it generates a fax cover sheet and states that you need to fax a recent pay stub, copy of a bank statement and a completed application to them in order to obtain the loan...I know for a fact, that I never would have sent any such documentation to anyone for a loan.

On May 3, I received a phone call from Geneva Roth at 7:30 a.m., on both my cell phone and work phone numbers. I called back later than evening and left a voicemail for the person that had called me advising them of the Fair Trade Act Collection Law that states a Collector may not contact you before 8:00 a.m. and that they had violated the law. I have not received any phone calls since.

I am however, still continuing to receive emails from different individuals at Geneva Roth Ventures, always the same message saying they have been trying to reach me by telephone and need to render a decision. Now however, I am receiving them from a new email address: SmithHaynes.Com, which I researched with the Kansas Better Business Bureau. This company is owned by Mr. Wiggins, who the emails that are sent by Geneva Roth come from (Shawn Wiggins). It is listed as a Collection Agency, with the same physical address as Geneva Roth Ventures (of course).

As this company has failed to prove that I ever took out a loan with them, I am simply printing out their emails and also forwarding them off to the Attorney General. I just thought this information might be helpful to anyone that may wonder who this Smith, Haynes & Watson, LLC company's basically just Geneva Roth Ventures under a different name.

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Nic95403 Nic95403

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Nic I've dealt with them. I called up the Banking Dept who had a word with them, reminded them they were illegal. Smith, Haynes and Watson are a 'seperate' company which collects for Geneva Roth, and the coincidence (not!) is that they are in the same office building located right next to each other. I'm always getting emails from Shawn Wiggins, but signed by various representatives......

When I got my loan through them, I wasn't on the LoanPoint website, I submitted my infor generically, and it was them who called, said they'd put the money in my account and that was it. No faxing or anything. I didn't even know who I'd gotten the loan from and never had a loan document sent to me. It took searching to find them....

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 09/13/2007 - 14:02

pokogeo pokogeo

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Hey, the exact thing happened to me. I actually told them that I was not interested.They then come up with a document with my name written on it. and a girl that I worked with as a witness. She answered the phone of course she would give them her name. I never could find a phone number to contact them to tell them that my account was closed. every time I went online to change my info it said cannot find page. So now they are saying i committed fraud how did i do that? can anyone explain

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Well you haven't commited fraud. They are the fraudulent ones and they are operating without a license. If you let us know what state you are athens, we can help you further.

They are just using threats to get you to pay, they can't do anything to you so take a deep breath.....They are the illegal ones and we can help you out.... Let us know your state, and if you have any other loans. Have they taken money out of your account yet? If so how much?

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 10/09/2007 - 15:21

pokogeo pokogeo

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this same thing is currently happening to me. i did have a loan with loan point, and was unable to pay. i do owe, but they harrass me continuously. i dont know how to get them to stop. they are going to get me fired. i donot know what to do. i get the same emails from a shawn wiggins, aka (whoever)

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