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December 2016 I asked my apartment complex to move me into a month to month agreement for January as my lease ended in December but I needed to a month to arrange moving since I was going to be out of state. My lease said I needed to submit a written notice but when I asked them if they needed a letter they said they would post a note on the account and I didnt have to worry about it. Since I talked to them personally I thought all would be well. Mid-January I asked by email the correct procedure to turn the key in since I wouldnt be available during their business hours and they said to leave the key inside and door closed but since they didnt have a written notice prior to my email I would need to pay for the month of February as well. I moved out January/27 and I received a debt collector validation letter this week. I can agree with the replacement of the rug but I cannot accept the additional month fee as I am unemployed and truly believe they were misleading during December. How can I settle this matter without affecting my credit??

I guess you can't do anything since you have not sent a written notice before your email. Let's see what the other forum members have to say about this.

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Hi, in your case there is nothing to do as you don't have any written document as a proof of your words. The court will depend on legal papers and they will follow the lease agreement.
I would suggest you should contact the collection agency and discuss the matter with them.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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You are messed up. Since you, don't have the written agreement, the situation is not in your favor. You can talk to the collection agency for a settlement mentioning your financial hardship (unemployed).

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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You can't do anything here since court won't listen to verbal agreements. From next time, at least send an e-mail as a proof.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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