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It is nice to see that I am not alone in getting the run-around with PNC. Our HELOC came due last December. We tried to renew the loan but with our current huge income loss they denied it and said it was due in full. I tried applying for a hardship program or modification - no response. I have now quit paying for 6 months. During that time we tried for a hardship program 3 more times - no response. Now it has been charged off. Just found that out today in fact. I don't even know what to do because we do not have $$ for a cash settlement. Does anyone know what the next step will be from PNC????

They will get more aggressive with collecting it. If they charged it off you don't need to worry about foreclosure. They might pop you a few settlement offers in the mail over the next few months but if you don't answer, expect to be sued within 6-8 months.

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I now have a letter from the latest rep from PNC to call them about our account. We do not have cash to settle so what should I offer them? Will they set up payment arrangements on the account? I really have no idea what to expect at this point! Our first Mtg modified so why wouldn't PNC???? So frustrating!!!!

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