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Well, times seem to not be getting any better for me. Due to family problems I have ended up being behind 64 days on my home loan with BofA. So I got a letter telling me that they want to schedule a face-to-face meeting with me to discuss my options. this seems kind of strange to me cause to meet face-to-face makes me feel that they are trying to intimidate me. I have already spoke with their collection dept about be being able to make 2 payments this month and 2 in feb. no one metioned anything to me. I do not plan on going 90 days behind. Any advise before I call them monday. I am somewhat scared to call them. I hear they can be bullies. I do not think they will understand that my mother was homeless and I helped her get a place and then my son was hit by a train. Anyone here get the same letter? Thank you

You probably should have called and requested a payment or 2 deferment....when I had a major medical emergency, they defered two payments for me and tacked them on the back. However we called BEFORE we were need to be proactive.

Call and talk with them.

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Is there anything besides 2 paystubs and bankstatement and tax return that I should have ready. I just want a payment plan. not a modify. And is there anything I need in regards to proof of my son being hit by a train. He did survive, but will be unable to use his arm for at least 6 months or more. He has a long road ahead of him now. I would have been fine if that would not have happened. And does anyone know what the chance are they wont work with me?

thank you all

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Soaplady, great news. I called as you said and with the issue of a family emergancy they were more than willing to work out a payment plan with me. Thank you so much

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