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I applied for a loan from this company and have tried to make the minimum payment but my balance does not go down. They have a 96% interest rate, is this legal? I was aware of this when I took the loan, but at that time I was in desperate need of cash, and it is very tempting when they send you a letter telling you it is guaranteed that you will get the loan and very easy. Now I cannot seem to get rid of this loan, and it is up to 3900 on a 3000 loan i took.

Can you tell me the state you live in? You need to check whether this high APR is allowed in your state or not. If it is allowed, then its legal, else not.
Have you made any payment towards the debt till date? If you have not done so, you can either consider settling the debt for less or go for a debt management program to pay it off.

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Carol79 Carol79

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I see that Brookwood is through metabank, which shows to be in Iowa and SD, but there are available in many states(List on brookwood web site).

Need to know what state you're in to be of more help.

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I am in California, do you know if its legal here or where I can find out.

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I'm not sure whether Brookwood Loans is licensed in CA. I checked the license database of California Dept of Corporations "http://www.corp." and did not find their name, although as per their website, they are available in CA.
Making minimum payments will never reduce your debt because the high interest rate on the loan will will increase your debts. Is it an installment loan? If it is so, then what are the monthly payments under the agreement?

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novice novice

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I also have a loan with them. I am in FLorida where the usury laws say a company can only charge 18% max on a loan. My question is, because they are a bank are they subject to usury laws in other states ? Or since they are a bank are under federal laws.


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scottstevens54 scottstevens54

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I have a loan out with Brookwood since last October, and in April I fell on hard times and was not able to make payments. My payments were $213.36 a month and a settlement offer made in July knocked it down to $100 a month. I struggle to pay all my other bills, and have only made two payments toward my settlement. When I tried to ask for more time to get my affairs together, they have told me that by missing my last payment I am in danger of voiding the settlement and possibly end up being sued. If anyone has any information dealing with Brookwood Loans/MetaBank regarding this type of issue I'd appreciate it very much. This company is much like Think Cash and Cash Call from what I've heard, so if you have information about these high interest lenders, please fill me in. Thank you.

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I have a loan through them and it seems like I get no where paying on it the balance doesnt go down.

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