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Hello, Back in 08 my husband and I foolishly bought a vehicle and traded in,upside down on a vehicle. The car got repoes a few monts later as a pmt of $699.00 was a bit much having a new baby.

My question is we still owe 21,800 on the car and they are telling us we can pay $20 a month.We have done this over a year now. BUT we need it off our credit as we are moving and buying a new home in the next few months and they say once thats off, it is no issue. My husband credit score is 700 but because this debt is showing up its hurting us on getting a home.
We made settlement offer of $8000.00 and they said no. We do not have more than that and even that will take all of our savings.We need that money for the move too being as it is across county. Any advice? We dont know what to do.

If the creditor doesnt want to settle for $8000, there is not much you are going to be able to do. Even paying it wont remove it.

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Right, I know that it will not be removed, however usaa says it MUST show up as paid in settlement, or paid in full.

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