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Hello Members, Does anyone know of a legite bank or company that will help people with bad credit? My credit was excellent back in 08 until I became totally disabled, that was followed by a divorce, child custody dispute and then a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I`m slowly getting back on my feet again, I own a home in NC and have since remarried. Problem is I still owe one attorney money, I made the mistake of taking out payday loans to try and pay him off. I`ve been looking for for a personal loan to consolidate, I have had some replies but these places want money up front (secure loan) to get the amount of loan that I`m looking for( $5000).

I don`t want to get burned again, I have been told that a red flag should come out when asked for monies up front. Does anyone know of a reliable source or sources that can help? Any information will be greatly appreciated, I`m tired of surfing the web with dead end results. God Bless.

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Yes, it is better to not work with a lender that charges up front fee. It will also be difficult for you to get a loan as you have bad credit. Even if the lenders agree to lend you money, they will charge high interest rate on the loan. My advice will be to take steps to repair your credit. You can contact your local banks and financial institutions for a consolidation loan. You can get a list of debt relief companies from our Ranking Chart section.

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Coming out of bankruptcy you are not going to get a loan...there is no point even trying at your banks. Can you new husband take one out for you??

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Thank you both for your replies. Your both right, I`ll never get a legite loan until my credit is repaired. I have a credit score of 644 which is not the best nor the worst. I live on a limited income, Social Seurity benifts that are garnished by alimony payments, so paying off the few credit cards, the payday loans and the attorney my check is gone in a matter of days. Then I have to wait another month to get paid again.Seems like I`ll never catch up. My only hope is that Uncle Sam is kind to us this year, just to break even would be a God send.

As far as my new wife taking out a loan, well, her credit is worse then mine, She also went through a tough time a few years back before we reunited. She does make very good money at her job but she pays all the bills, I mean all the bills. The good Lord blessed me with this women or I`d be living out in the streets.

I will check out the debt relief companies that you have listed on this forum, I thank you again for this information. Like the old saying goes, time heals all wounds, I`ll just have to keep paying up till my credit score looks the way it did a few years ago. Be well and God Bless. POP

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Maybe we can help you with those payday loans. Who are are your loans through? What state are you in?

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A loan officer may assist you in making your application more appealing by encouraging you to borrow a smaller amount of money or make payments over a longer span of time. In this way, your monthly payments can be lowered, increasing your chances of getting a loan.

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Browncliff....there is no point in the OP even applying for a loan. No legitimate lender is going to lend unsecured funds to someone with a two year old bankrutpcy, especially if they have a limited income that is being garnished.

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