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What can be done with charged off car loan?

You can tell your creditor that you want to settle the debt. You can negotiate with your creditor and lower the payoff amount. You can return the car if you want to or can take out another loan to pay off the outstanding balance. The negative listing will still remain on your credit report even after repaying the debt. So, you can request your creditor to contact the credit bureau and remove the listing from credit report.

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You can contact your original creditor and check out if he has sold off the account to a collection agency. If the lender has sold off the account to a collection agency, then you can either try and settle the debts with them or request your original creditor to withdraw the account from collections and try settle the dues directly with them.

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yes try to start a dialouge with the creditor and show your interest in settling the debt in exchange for a written promise to correct your cr

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