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Hi everyone. Well, I have called every number of every agency that's supposed to help consumers in my state (Maryland) and gotten nowhere so I'm hoping someone at this forum can help me.

Long story short - I am behind on my mortgage. I received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose from CitiMortgage on April 20th. It stated that my last payment was on 3/13 and was applied to the month of February. It also stated that I had until June 4th to pay the total amount required to cure the default ($3700) or they may file for foreclosure.

Under 'type of default', it stated - 'Your mortgage loan is currently 50 days past due and is in default.'

Well, since receiving the letter, I have made one mortgage payment in the amount of $1850. CitiMortgage accepted the payment and posted it to my account. I also filled out and faxed a hardship assistance package. They received it on May 19th and told me it takes 30-45 days to process the paperwork. They also said foreclosure proceedings may continue during that time.

In April 2008, a law was passed in Maryland that stated the homeowner must be 90 days in default before foreclosure could be filed. Since Citi accepted my one payment, I am no longer 90 days delinquent. Does this mean they cannot foreclose?

I will be able to pay the April payment on June 12th and the May payment on June 26th. I plan on being caught up by the end of July (I have finally found a job!) However, I have read horror stories about attorney fees which add thousands to the foreclosure process.

I am just wondering if anyone thinks Citi will proceed with foreclosure. Citi itself will not answer this question. And right now it's June 3rd so I'm sweating the deadline of June 4th.

Again, I have paid half the arrears and they accepted and posted that payment. Am I still in default? Can I relax? I feel like I've aged ten years in the last six months and it's impossible to find answers. Thanks to anyone who can help out.


I have been dealing with Citimortage also on my past due mortgage. they have continously told me that as long as I do not go 90 days past due that they legally cannot foreclose. I have since been set up on a repayment plan to pay back the past due balance. my normal pymt is $1241 and my temporary payment is $1825 for the next 6 mos. to get caught up (I am owning now for april, may, June). I have heard recently that the government is looking to sign a moretorium (sp?) on putting a temporary stop to any new foreclosures but haven't heard anything new on that lately. I would not worry too much if I were you since you seem to have a plan to catch up the loan quickly. just stay in touch with Citi and you should be okay....good luck!

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Hi Cheekla. Thanks for your answer.

It would be great if our government actually did something to help regular people. Alas. My loan is actually owned by Freddie Mac but CitiMortgage is the servicer.

It has been very difficult for me to find concrete information about policies. I've left messages with every state and local agency I could find, but no one could actually answer a question for certain.

I guess I am not 90 days past due. I would be 90 days past due on June 4th if I hadn't made that payment last month (since I would have missed March / April / May), but since they accepted the March payment, that means I'm just 60+ days behind again.

At this point, I'm fondly remembering my first apartment. It was $525 / month and I had to walk four blocks to a laundromat and the appliances were from the stone age but - it was $525 / month! :-)

Good luck to you, too.

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You have to understand your lender is overworked and understaffed. You will not get far by calling them yourself. Make sure you understand the process of loan modification before you call them they are not your friends. Get informed first.
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you can go for loos mitigation plans which are all available in the citimortgage contact the customer care for more details

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I'm in Indiana and am 1 year behind as of today with citi. I've offered to give them a short sale and heard nothing. I lost my job of 24 years, as they moved to Mexico. at my age 57years old, am thinking the end is near. can't even buy a job. well I guess the banks will own all the homes as we'll be renting from them, I'm glad the government bailed them out.
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Citimortgage is a joke! They lie, they mislead and they are cruel. They told me on several occasions that my modification was approved, then not approved, then approved. This went on and on. Finally I just said screw it - you can have the house. It is very hard though as my animals are suffering because of it.

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And as for the government - they only care about the rich!

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well i would check to see if you have any unapplied funds,,,because if you're just paying your regular payments without the late fees it might mess things up. its just a dog and pony show they dont modify nothing

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