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Here's my situation:

From 2006 to 2008, I was homeless and was experiencing an involuntary marital separation (locked out of home) and then a divorce. I was not able to secure permanent housing until 11/08. I incurred a lot of debt. During this time, I had to refinance a secured loan that I had with my ex-husband from one loan to 2 because he did not want to pay his portion. Since I was living out of my vehicle and they were threatening to take it aware, I freaked and signed another loan agreement that hiked the interest rate to like 29% and tacked on and additional $2000 in finance charges. A few years later, I realized what had happened and tried to go back to the lender to fix the issue. However, you know they played stupid. In this process, I have incurred significant debt including payday loans, IRS and medical expenses. I've been on my job for 10 years and make decent money. I just need to consolidate the debt so I can focus on one payment and get ahead. Do you have any suggestions on lenders for people with poor credit? I really need some major help...


You can contact the IRS and set up a payment plan with them in order to pay off the debts and get rid of it. If the payday loans are legal in your state, then you can consolidate them along with your medical debts and pay it off. You can contact the local debt relief companies or check out the ranking chart available in this website who will help you with debt relief options.

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you will not qualify for a debt consolidation loan .....lenders are just not lending loans to people with poor credit with no collateral. In terms of debt management plan, neither the IRS or your car loan which is secured can be included.

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