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Elite Financial Services - Are customers happy with them?

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I am ready to sign up with a company called Elite Financial Services in Massachusets and I looked them up with the BBB and their record is good. I am just nervous because the man I spoke to said that they we're also members of Association for settlemetn companies and I have read in other articles on this website that sometimes that means nothing?

My husband and I have excellent credit and can afford our minimum payments and every other month we pay at least 20% or more than the minimum due.

The guy I spoke with said that it doesn't matter my credit score is mostly my debt to income ratio anyway. Please help they told me I have 2 days to get my paperwork in to them or else I would not be approved.

My daughter work's for a credit union and we are waiting on an answer back for a loan.


There are numerous Elite Financials and I don't believe they are affiliated with the BBB (see below). As far as associations they're associted with the Chamber of Commerce.

Business Contact & ProfileBack to Top ID: 103813
Business Name: Elite Financial Services, Inc.
Business Address: 999 Broadway, Suite 200
Saugus, MA 01906
See the location on a Mapquest Map
See the location on a Google Map
Original Business Start Date: 1/1/2007
Type of Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: 2007 in MA
Principal: Jason F Voci, President
Number of Employees: 35
Phone Number: (866) 922-0040
Fax Number: (781) 233-3800
BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business

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Thanks Nico. What are you're thought's should I call the chamber of commerce?

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Just because they're not w/ the BBB doesn't make them a bad company. It's normally because they haven't been in business for at least 12 months. Several questions come to mind: why wouldn't they register w/ the BBB since it's over the 12 month mark? and why not register w/ the typical settlement associatins (usoba, tasc, iapda, etc)? I would also talk to at least 2 other companies to draw comparisons.

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and Margiehasseve, if you can afford to pay 20% more than the minimums as you mentioned, unlike many folks across the country you have the option of avoiding the settlement route. talk to a dmp or even better get into an accelerated payment program.

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I agree with Nico in that you should check all of you're options before you consider going debt settlement. Just make sure that you take you're time and it sounds like you're not in a crisis like most others on this forum.

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Quite frankly I think the borrower would be better off not doing debt settlement. She is able to make her monthly payments and then some....why pay the fees of a debt settlement company?? Current accounts are not going to settle especially with great credit...and asking for a settlement is going to start raising red flags with her creditors....

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I paid them $4200 in the last 9 months, they settled my circuit city card for $325 when I enrolled the balance was $523. I asked for a refund after learning that my Bank of America account was sent to a collection law office and a judgement was placed against me. They did not tell me that would happen or could happen.

I still have not received a refund and just found out last week that my wages are being garnished. My lawyer is in the process of sending them a letter. Thanks for hurt me and my family.

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TO: Jazmines. What type of letter is the lawyer sending to the company? I'm in the process of canceling with these people and was just gonna send my own letter. Thnx

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A letter of intent for suit if a full refund isn't sent to his office within 7 days from when they get his letter.

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Elite Financial Services owners are Jason Voci. Daniel Perry and Wayne Ahlquist. If you check with the Mass division of corporations you will see that they are listed as the directors. I did a cross search on all of the officers for other ownership of corporations. Wayne Ahlquist owns several debt settlement companies along with his partner Lamont Milton:

1. Preferred Financial Services Andover, MA

2. Accelerated Financial Services 49 Blanchard St Lawrence, MA

3. Premier debt solutions 7 Kimball Lane Lynnfield, MA

If you need additional information go to the Massachusetts division of corporations and you can see other contact information. You should also run a google search on these individuals and you will see that there are several threads on this website and rip off report .com that is not good.

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