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Elite Financial Services - Are customers happy with them?

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I am ready to sign up with a company called Elite Financial Services in Massachusets and I looked them up with the BBB and their record is good. I am just nervous because the man I spoke to said that they we're also members of Association for settlemetn companies and I have read in other articles on this website that sometimes that means nothing?

My husband and I have excellent credit and can afford our minimum payments and every other month we pay at least 20% or more than the minimum due.

The guy I spoke with said that it doesn't matter my credit score is mostly my debt to income ratio anyway. Please help they told me I have 2 days to get my paperwork in to them or else I would not be approved.

My daughter work's for a credit union and we are waiting on an answer back for a loan.


I contacted Elite, or rather another company via online app, and someone from Elite contacted me. The program sounds too good to be true. The promise they will clear four of my credit card accounts for 1/2 to 1/3 of what I owe within three years, and at less per month than I'm paying now.

I am tempted, however I am leery based on the excessive calls and emails I have received from the person at Elite.

My original request was for email contact only, yet within a few minutes of submitting the app, he called me at work. I told him I could not talk at work and to call after 6pm. During the past month or two since this initial contact, I have had over 13 calls to my cell phone, and as many emails as well.

I finally just had to ask him to cancel the request and I would touch base after I had time to look over the emails and other information provided.

I'm just not sure if this is the way to go, but I'm sick of the four card who in the past year were going to jump my APR from around 9%-14% to over 20% for no reason. I have a credit rating on the border of good and excellent, so this made no sense. So, to keep from having these exhorbitant rates applied to existing balances...I opted to close all these cards and continue paying at my old rate. Must say I'm pretty sick of throwing $100 a month way on finance charges on that Discover card tho...would love to just wash all this debt away...

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Personal information deleted, for your security. - Uncle Wulf[/QUOTE]
I am interested in working with Elite Financial Services in Florida, I would appreciate some more information on this or a number I can reach you at to discuss.
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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I just signed up with Elite today. I am very nervous after reading all of these posts. The gentleman I worked with did seem to have the perfect answer to every question. I have supposedly agreed on 36 month program that will eliminate my debt of $36,000.00 by paying $721 per month. If it actually takes all 36 months, I will have paid $25,0000.00 saving me $11,000.00 that does not sound too bizzare, so I believe it is ligitimate. Am I in over my head? What could the repercussions be? My first payment is scheduled next week? What to do?

Thinking of using this company, how is your experience going?

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I signed with Elite and in eight months they helped me reduce my debt I found them polite and helpful and I fully recomend them

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My sister used elite finanacial services and they saved her 19,000 ,,, she said her debt total was about 36,000 , after 30 months in program she was debt free ,, at first she was happy about being debt free and told me to check them out since i was in same situation ,,, but her credit score went down and credit card company's still wouldnt give her lines of credit ,, and banks wouldnt approve her for a personal loan,,,so she called them up and told her to call this credit enhancement company that worked with them ,,,so she did and 120 days after being with this company her credit score was over 700 .... shes was extatic,, i remembered this blog site a while back when i was researching it and i would have to say this company is great,,, i really think it is a loop hole in our financial system though i mean i could go get 50,000 in credit cards spend the money call elite and they will negotiate settlements on all accounts for 50% or less ,,,, then call credit enhancement and after 4 months ill have perfect credit again ,,, whats gonna stop me from keep doing this in all actuality its free $$$ ,,, its repally a loop hole in system and i urge everyone in this great recession to take full advantage of this !!!!

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OK ! everyone is scaring me cause i just registered with this company today.I start payments at the end of this month. I am disabled & on a fixed income,I told the man that at times I don't have money to buy food for the month & only get $800.00 a month to pay for everything.I pray that this company will do me right !!!! nobody will help me, especially the banks . this is my last chance to a debt free life.tonight I will go to bed hungry, please pray for me.

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I really like to see here about this all.I am also looking for some one good who provide me financial services.please tell me how i can get it.
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I urge you to check out their reputations when using different names. They also go by Preferred Financial Solutions, Advantage Financial Services, Accelerated Financial Services and even just Financial Services. Preferred Financial has an F with the Better Business Bureau and enough complaints to make you think twice. http://www.bbb .org/boston/business-reviews/debt-settlement-companies/preferred-financi al-services-inc-in-lawrence-ma-4011/

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We can only detect a company's authenticity by its services.If you think that you are getting good services from them and you are satisfied, there is no harm in letting them work for you.As such all settlement company has its own pros and cons! For more information regarding their services log in to this site"".

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Quite frankly any company that says - "they told me I have 2 days to get my paperwork in to them or else I would not be approved" is on the other side of helping!

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