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Elite Financial Solutions Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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I have been talking with Elie Financial Solutions in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I really trust the person who I always talk to. It seems as though everyone is bashing this company. I am wondering if there is any good information about this company. Please help me out with any information that will help me make a good decision.

Of course they are going to make you feel confident on the first call....they are sales people.

Are you looking to settle your debts??? DO NOT waste your money on settlement it yourself for free!! It is not rocket science.

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I also agree with Soaplady. There is nothing that a settlement company can do which you can't do it yourself. What you have to do is, convince your creditors that you cannot pay the bills in full, and you'd be able to pay some amount if they agree to reduce the payoff amount by some percent. However, before doing so, learn how to negotiate properly with the creditors. Last thing, do not make any payment before you sign any written agreement with the creditors.

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I agree not to just trust anyone who calls you. However, a debt settlement company can help a person in ways they can't help themselves.

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