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I am currently purchasing my first house. The question i have is that I needed my father as a cosigner for the house. I make under 100k but my father makes a lot more.

Will I still be able to get the tax credit?


I am not to sure if they use a co-signer for combined income to qualify for the tax credit. I do know you need to make a AGI of under $75k as a single filer and a married filer has to make under $150k combined.

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I am not a tax expert, but.... your mortgage company required the co-signer to ensure their risk was reduced. The title of the property is in YOUR name only. That is what the IRS will want to see. So, two different versus property title. That being said, PLEASE don't count on getting your $8,000 soon. We filed our amended return to get our $8,000 on 4/2/2009 (receipt by IRS) and are in the taxpayer advocates office trying to get our money still. Could have birthed a baby sooner than this check..... And we qualify on ALL counts!

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